I think that the intention of the badges is to help encourage members to engage in different ways and offer some kind of token reward to for doing so. As I said earlier in the thread, whether you like them or not, or don’t really feel strongly one way or the other, I see them as basically harmless.


I accept that they are basically harmless Richard, my post was merely a clumsy attempt at humour.


Is this an alternative to previous forum points system?

If so, just how many badges are their available to be acquired?


IB - thanks. Amazon know where I live and what I buy from them anyhow - and I’m also surprised by how many banner ad’s I see which reference services in my area, especially ad’s for undertakers & funeral plans! I cannot help but think that even by disabling one’s Location settings, the ‘bots’ out there can identify your general location.

I think in today’s world, you cannot be 100% secure (unless you use the likes of VPN software?). I’d very much like to firewall all my 'web viewing/use and try to mitigate & manage information risks AFAP. Some friends & relatives use Facebook so extensively that I’m aghast at what can be gleaned from their profiles (many linked-up of course), even by my limited-IT-skilled eyes.

As to GDPR, it seems a little too late? A bit like, one cannot unknow what one knows.

To close, one of my relatives opened an on-line a/c with a financialco. a week or so back and they asked them how tall they are. As they’re getting on a bit and shrinking, I’m not sure how this is going to work for the future.


Yes, I too have been quite shocked at how publicly some people like to lead their lives, quite apart from the personal data they may not realise is not so confidential.

I have adopted certain aliases to guard personal data, such as a false date of birth, used for everything except properly secure sites that have a genuine right to know. Even so, because I do conduct a fair bit of business online, there is more data out there directly traceable to me than I like despite some care in trying to limit it…


So how many posts do we need to go from Basic to Member and Member to Regular and Regular to Leader, etc ? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


And while I’m asking - we become “certified” and “licenced” when we’ve done the tutorials, but where are the tutorials ?



you can read about it here.

This is just a guideline. The parameters can be customised by Admin and the developer. And of course Admin can place a member at any trust level they deem suitable…

Looks like this topic may be best in the forum FAQ.


Thanks, that’s very interesting. Though it makes me wonder what “entering a topic” is


I stumbled across explanation of the different badges. Some rather odd (well, most really!)

Someone mentioned not being able to like more than a certain number of times in a day. Aparently one badge is called
“out of love”, given for using 50 likes in a day. Curiously there is another badge called “higher love”, which is when you’ve used 50 likes in a day five times. And then there is “crazy in love”, for when you’ve used 50 likes in a day 20 times! Methinks it is confusing like and love!


if one click on all forums, gives likes to all posts, and stay 24/24 on the forum, write bla-bla-bla in all topics, he will gain all the badges. It’s like a flipper game!


I wonder if their is a ‘totally ridiculous’ badge… given out for using to many likes?..:joy:


Well, I like Eric Clapton’s Badge. :sunglasses:


A ‘Badge’ Badge for the most Badges?



An automatically black and white striped avatar for a dedicated badger. (Sorry)


I have just earned a ‘Nice’ badge … :smile: Hallelujah :smile:


Badges or no badges, aren’t we all enthusiasts?


You need a badge in order to be an enthusiast :smile:


Just received two more badges today, I now have an appreciated and a thank you badge…

It seems their is a badge for everything… ???


Not sure if there is a badge for the most badges?