Their is a badge for everything else, so why not :grin:





Has the new forums badges become the old forum points game ???


I am quite pleased the points system has been kicked into touch…

Just not convinced about the badges… it’s all a little bit Boy Scouts


Did anyone actually take any notice of the points, or try to get higher in the “rankings” in the old thread?


I think one or two of us had set up a routine link to Amazon so that it selected at random a new album cover photo every 30 minutes and automatically posted it in the “what are you listening to now” thread. That seemed to accumulate three points every 30 minutes and moved you up the Rankings quite steadily.

I rather suspect IB did the same with his “let’s have a confirmation referendum” in the Brexit threads…:sunglasses:


… err ?? every 1 or 2 minutes was the norm.


That explains all those album covers of ‘Spice Girls’, ‘Take That’ ‘Des o Connor’ …:smile:

In all seriousness, if the rankings on a forum are that important…it kind of speaks volumes …


Try as I might, I haven’t found a way to automate that (yet)!


Disappointing to see your first paragraph, Don. l would have expected a more reasoned post from you, even if tongue in cheek. As you probably know I spent much time on that thread and l sincerely am unaware of anyone who remotely came close to that type of activity. Check the posts following yours and think about it. Pathetic.


People, please. I think some things are best left behind on the old forum. Thank you.



I’m sorry you found my post disappointing. I appreciate that on any forum it’s difficult to get the “Spitting Image” type of theme right. ie close enough to have an element of truth in it, but far enough away to avoid upset and thus be more humorous than offensive .Clearly I failed in your eyes (and probably others) and for that I appologise. Judging by some of the susequent posts, I think one or two members saw the more humorous side and for that i am somewhat relieved.



For me, but english is not my language, Don was ironic about the “badges philosophy “. It was humorous .
Ironic or sarcastic. I tend to find these badges ridiculous too.
Or i have not understood the answer of Don…


You are really not that naive Don, but nice try. Time for me to move along from this forum. After 17 years, with the likes of the above posts proliferating, this place and the moderated acceptance of these posts, is disappointing. l owe a huge thank you to many, many forum members for their musical knowledge and courtesies. You and your supporters above, who freely troll near daily, are apparently not amongst them. Enjoy your badges gentlemen.


we call it , in french, “ prendre la mouche “.


Hmm, something seems to have touched a raw nerve, and provoked quite a response… I am reminded of something not dissimilar in the past, so best just left there.

Given that the badges don’t seem to have a function for individuals (unless anyone is indeed a badge collector), I wonder if they are part of the metrics collected by the Discourse platform providers.


IB, please read my earlier post on this thread - the data is held locally by Naim not gathered by anyone else for any reason. The badges are just a bit of fun designed to encourage engagement. That’s all.


a new naim philosophy…?


I was amused to get told I was “Certified” and a bit worried to find I was “Out of Love”.