Balance in opposite channels

I have a 52 pre-amp Supercap, 135’s, but when I switch te balance to the left audio comes from right hand side speaker, I have used a test CD which suggests that the channels are correct, I don’t understand what I should do to resolve the issue with the channels.

You have the speaker cable in the back the wrong way around. For Naim, the left speaker goes to the right hand socket (looking from the front) and right speaker goes to left. If you look closely those is marked on the 52

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When you say you switch the balance to the left - what exactly to you mean?

Ch1 = Left channel. Ch2 = Right channel.

Also be sure with the NAP135s that you use the correct DIN-XLR cables (red band = ch2 right) into the correct XLR socket on each amp.


Beachcomber, Thanks, I mean that if I switch the balance to the left music comes from right hand side speaker, but on a Stereophile test CD the music comes from correct channels.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear, but I assume you mean that if you turn the knob anticlockwise then the sound comes from the right speaker. If so, this is exactly what I would expect (though, of course, I may be wrong in my expectation). I always thought that turning anticlockwise effectively turns down the volume of the left channel, and clockwise turns down the volume of the right channel.

In all equipment I ever owned, turning the balance knob to the left, anti-clockwise, made the sound come out of the left channel. My 252 is the same and I am pretty sure that I wired it all up correctly.

It makes sense too, moving the knob to the left moves the sound to the left.

I must check my setup - I rarely use the balance, so it may be that I am misremembering.

I had to check as well :slight_smile:

I was hoping Beachcomber was correct, but I get what your saying Suedkiez, just trying to figure out why the music on the test CD is coming from correct channels.

Is the CDP connected correctly with regard to channels?

It’s doing my head in, but I think it works like this:

  • If L and R are flipped around for the CDP-to-pre connection, and the speakers cables are flipped as well, then the “left channel” music from the CD would come out of the correct, left, speaker, because it gets flipped twice.
  • However, the pre “sees” only the one flip of the speaker cables, so its balance knob effect is flipped once

Edit: Grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. Yeah

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A channel swap before the preamp and after would explain this effect.

Edit - as @Suedkiez says…

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Thanks for your post, I thought I was losing my mind :exploding_head:

CD player connected with RCA rather than DIN makes it easier to transpose left and right.

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