balance on a nac 202

Had friends round. Some Ejit decided to press the balance on my remote to fully left. With no balance dial on the 202 how do I get it back to centre?
The Lad

Use the balance buttons on the remote. It will stop when centered and will indicate on the volume LED. Press again to adjust away from centre.

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Failing that, press prog to enter program mode. To restore all programmable settings to the factory defaults
press and hold the remote handset disp key. The preamplifier will exit from
program mode following this operation.

This might sound stupid(Iā€™m a newb with Naim gear) but does the volume control flash of go off? how do I know its centered?

From the manual section about the Narcom 4:

Adjusts the channel balance. Some Naim amplifiers have control of channel balance available only from the remote handset. On these products the balance will automatically centre as it reaches the mid point. Centring is indicated by a flashing volume control indicator. To resume adjustment once the balance has centred, the bal key must be released and re- pressed.

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