Balanced power supplies

Morning All. I’m using an Airlink BPS3000 as my Naim kit was just humming too much. It is set-up not far from the Hifi rack so hums a bit times to times but a lot less than the Naim kit so it is definitely worth trying.

The link below may help.
Airlink BPS5120MP installation

Best regards, BF

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Thanks BF.
Yes, I saw that but I can’t determine if it’s before or after the CU.
can you tell me how you did it?

I was just going to say that a separate earth is illegal in the UK because it breaks wiring regulations.

I think the OP is in Dubai. Different regions have vastly different regs. Some countries the two poles are referenced to each other and an earth isn’t really needed for safety to the same degree, others, like the UK are referenced to ground I believe.

As a result strictly enforced earthing arrangements exist in some countries and truly shocking ad-hoc ones in other countries.

So regardless of the voltage of the BSP, if it is an in-line one (fitted by a sparky) I’d check to make sure it is road legal (so to speak) where you are. If not there could be tears at bedtime when your shiny new BSP arrives and your sparky says “I ain’t installing that mate.

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Is that on a dedicated spur or your household ring main?

On the household ring main, the BPS3000 comes with a mains lead.

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If it helps I use an Airlink BPS2000. Can I hear a difference with/without the balanced supply present… well ‘The power of the placebo effect’ says yes :wink: In truth though it’s some time since I last did a proper back-to-back comparison and I like to think my setup has improved since then so if I was to test again I’d expect/hope the difference would be more pronounced. I suppose it also depends upon how good/bad your mains is.

Hi Sbilotta,
It takes its feed from the consumer unit, then feeds the hifi via a 10mm2 dedicated radial.

This work was designed and installed by a qualified electrician in the UK to UK safety standards.

Best regards, BF

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Go on. You know you want to.

tbh at the moment it wouldn’t be a fair test. I’m slumming it at the moment with a pair of AE1 active speakers (part of a short term downsize thing due to a temporary move to a MUCH smaller house). When I can move back to a full size speaker setup (SCM50 actives top of the list) it’s something to try again.

I noticed that Bryston have just entered the BPS market with a truly massive range of products. More isolating transformers than they have power amps.

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