Balnce function on unitilite remote control?

Hi all

I bought a unitlite in 2017. I’m pretty sure it was possible then to adjust the sound balance using the supplied RC (rather than the app). It was, counterintuitively, achieved by using the up/down arrows on the control wheel (the central button of which is marked ok/list). However the unit went back to Naim for repair a couple of times and I can’t find any way of assigning a balance funtion to those arrows or any other keys now. I’m starting to doubt my memory on this one!

Does anyone know how to do this? Software version is 4.7.00


You can use the up and down arrows but only once you have selected the speaker menu via the on screen menu.

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Thanks cdboy, works a treat! Must say that my recollection was that I didn’t have to dive into the menus, but could well be wrong, Anyway, more convenient than using the app for sure. Thanks!

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