Bandcamp sold to Epic Games

Digital streaming is a changing business. The Verge has reported that the gaming publisher Epic Games who publish Fortnite has purchased Bandcamp.

We will see how this develops. Bandcamp has been a good platform for indi musicians as they get a greater proportion of purchase fees than on other streaming/ digital download sites.

Bandcamp say nothing will change for artists in the near future. Personally I’m sad, but optimistic that something can emerge to channel money into the pockets of musicians.


Heard this on Friday funny there was a report last year about Bandcamp and how profitable a platform it is compared to Spotify. They mentioned Epic in the article funny enough as more on an aligned business due to their fight with apple over charging for transactions as you can’t download via their app to get around this.

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Well Epic purchased twinmotion and I have to say its been bloody amazing, they gave me a free pass for life and its been totally essential to my work, updates very often and a totally stable product from what it was. Lets hope they do the same for bandcamp.


I’ve posted another thread but have asked it to be merged with this one. I hope that Bandcamp does not suffer…

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That sounds promising. TwinMotion is a 3D visualisation tool I think. When
I lectured colleagues used it with architecture students to make interiors and imaginary buildings and landscapes. I can see this would be useful in the gaming world. Epic also owns the unreal engine. What we don’t know is what Epic wants with Bandcamp, data from users? Making virtual concerts?

Me too. Let’s hope they don’t eat it up and kill it off as seems to happen so often with software.


Well this is not like buying up competition to kill it, is it? They must have a plan that is specific to bandcamp/music in general.

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Undoubtedly both companies have published statements and the story is running in mainstream and tech media. Perhaps they are assembling the tools to make more encompassing virtual worlds. The Wikipedia entry for Epic Games gives a list of acquisitions. I hope that Bandcamp fares better than Houseparty whose app was shuttered which sounds painful if not terminal.

Epic say their vision is to build a creator marketplace ecosystem for content, technology, games, art, music and more.

Bandcamp’s blog suggests further development of merchandising, album pages and apps, and new developments such as album pressing and live streaming.

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I’ve used Bandcamp from time as I like their philosophy of paying artists more than most. However, I was not aware they were into gaming. Therefore, I was surprised to read this.

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