Bandcamp waive fees again June 5th and 19th

Note all timings are PST.


It’s a great idea, especially as many artists are donating to varios BLM-related causes, but the email bombardment is quite rankly astonishing. I woke up to more than 90 emails, primarily from Bandcamp artists, and as fast as I could read, sort and clear them, more came in!

I ended up buying 15 albums and I feel exhausted! :slight_smile:

On to the 19th June then…


Oh bother. Make that 16 - couldn’t resist this from Yazz Ahmed:

I released a single on my today, and so far it’s done really well – this BandcampFriday thing really drives traffic to the site. They’ve got another one first Friday in July.

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Keeping my powder dry for the Ese album Kev!


A slight aside but has anyone noticed how the price of downloads from bandcamp has really shot up in the last 6 months? I’m sure it used to be a fiver for a download but now it seems to be a tenner or more. In fact I just went to look at the latest offering from Dave Kerzner and we’re talking USD40!!

I drew the line at 14 @Nick.Lees

Artist - Album - Format

James Holden, Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub - BBC Sessions: Live at Maida Vale - CD

404.0 - 404.0 - WAV

Aksak Maboul - Figures - CD

Caterina Barbieri - Clessidra - WAV

Caterina Barbieri - Scratches on the Readable Surface Live Version - WAV

Caterina Barbieri - Virgo Rebellion - WAV

The Transcendence Orchestra - Feeling The Spirit - CD

Fennesz - Bécs - WAV

The Rosen Corporation - Dream Journey - WAV

The Rosen Corporation - Hades/Live at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton - WAV

Kassel Jaeger Jim O’Rourke - in cobalt aura sleeps - 2LP

Daniel Pioro - Dust - WAV

Oren Ambarchi - Quixotism - WAV

Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper - Glassforms - 2LP

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You’ve turned into a glorious weirdo in your old age. Salute!

You’ve given me more food for thought for the next binge fest, and my Wishlist is already groaning under the weight :slight_smile:


P.S. I feel a strong sense of failure in not turning you to Shearwater - The Sky Is A Blank Screen is a decent place to start, though Rook is their crowning glory…so far.

Nick, I do have ‘Rook’ & I think I have ‘The Golden Archipelago’, so you influenced me back in the day.

I’ve been mainly exploring - Ambient, Electronica, Hubro Label, Chamber & Contemporary in recent years. Hardly any guitar based music now, but I’m happy to explore breadcrumbs that keep expanding my mind with point & click. Much like yourself :grinning:

Chamber: Collectress

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