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Hi Nick, hovering doesn’t do it for me. All my FLAC is dBpoweramp ‘Converted’ from WAV at level 5. The hover popup shows its compressed, see line 2, but that compression %%% varies from track to track, it does not show the FLAC level number as yours does

Thanks for the replies, gents, that’s useful information. I’ll check my files when I get home. More curiosity than anything.

Hmm…puzzled of East Sussex!


If you can increase window size or scroll down in window. It looks as though all info not shown.
What follows ‘enco … ?


Its not possible to do anything with those ‘hover-over’ popups, try to touch them & they disappear.

All done, the batch conversion was easy to do. Sound wise, transcoding FLAC to WAV, there is no difference.
I knew I had a bunch of file mngt ‘house keeping’ issues that needed to get sorted & thats all been done.
One last thing is I need to do is sort some of the classical music metadata. The regular albums are all OK, the big mess is with the ‘compilations’ & free-bee CD’s that used to be dished out with magazines, Mrs Mike loves them for casual daytime listening so I must try to sort them.

Prior to the batch convert I removed all my business files & photo’s temporally for an off line deep clean & noted that the NAS with music only disc space that was at 46% with WAV & is now at 28% with FLAC.

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