Bauer Media dropping Internet Radio Aggregator streaming

Hi, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. Over the past few days when connecting to Absolute Radio via my Naim systems an announcement has stated that the service will be stopping soon as Bauer are stopping streaming via aggregators. If I understand correctly, Naim use Vtuner, which is an aggregator? If so, all Bauer radio stations will become inaccessible and the only way to listen through Naim will be to use another ‘web app capable’ source connected via Bluetooth/Chromecast or directly which is not ideal. I may be in a small minority of Naim/Bauer listeners but I understand other broadcasters have or are considering the same which would affect more Naim Internet radio users, and all who have purchased devices with Internet radio that use a similar service. If correct, is this of concern to others particularly if there are no solutions… If incorrect, please allay my fears!


I’ve noticed this with Wave 105 our local station and Jazz FM. It’s happening via the Naim app and Roon.

Information from Wave 105 says:

"Over the next few weeks you may experience some slight changes to your listening experience if you listen to us via a third party listening service such as Sonos or TuneIn, but have no fear! We don’t expect these changes to have any noticeable effect for the vast majority of our listeners. If you do notice any small hiccups, we have all the solutions to them below.

Here at Wave 105 we care about your data. So we’re increasing the transparency of how our streams reach you via IP devices (anything you listen to us on that connects through the internet, such as smart speaker, internet or wifi radio).

This means we’ll be able to tell how you’re listening to us and build better listening platforms for you that are more moulded to your needs going forward.

Unfortunately at this time, our online-only services will not be available on some selected internet and wi-fi radios. However, there may be lots of ways you can connect your device to a phone or laptop, such as via Bluetooth, Chromecast, aux lead or USB."

This will affect all radio listeners who don’t use their apps, hardly an improvement!

Perhaps @Stevesky can advise?

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So what they want is more of your data. A familiar story.


Could be to do with the following Warner and Sony court case about copyright infringements

Yeah this is rubbish and gives me no use for my streamer!

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Hi, I just joined the forum as I have this same issue. I like listening to Planet Rock, but it now has the same issue as all Bauer stations. It seems they have not thought this through completely, or just don’t care. I have an account via their app (slightly fewer ads). Top right of the screen is the casting icon, click on that and Uniti Nova is there along with a couple of Chrome cast devices that I have. But as soon as I cast, to any device, I am greeted with the message, the service will disappear soon. It is the latest version of the Planet Rock app, so it is the casting link that has not been updated.

Not sure we can allay your fears - several groups are doing the same trying to lock you in to THEIR app. The Global radio group (Capital, Heart, Smooth etc.) may be doing the same. Also Spotify connect, Tidal in music streaming. Netflix, Disney and Discovery in TV. And what do you think BBC Sounds is for? BBC have already restricted some access too.

Like you I like the idea of the Naim app (or in my case the Kazoo app) being the controller.

However there are many great Internet Radio stations out there and you might soon find alternatives that are far better than your present stations.

The BBC said the same!
see BBC Blogs - About the BBC - Changes to access of BBC live radio streams on selected TuneIn platforms in the UK

I think not, although this has wrecked TuneIn as international stations have been removed as a result.

This is a different issue more related to locking you in, selling you services and, as others have indicated, collecting your data.
e.g. planet group

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I will just listen to other things.

All my devices are played through Roon or the Naim App and I don’t want to be streaming from a dedicated app via Bluetooth or Airplay which won’t work for everything I have.

I work from home and have music on all day, there’s plenty more to choose from, although I will miss Jazz FM.


Like others, I will listen to other stations. I simply refuse to have a different app or to use a browser for every radio station that I want to listen to.


I have a FM/DAB module on my Nova and use it for BBC and local radio. I would not use individual apps and wonder where this desire to lock you in and monitor usage will go in the longer term. Could this increase popularity of FM?


I like that “some slight changes” quote. Like your music is going to disappear!


Indeed. I have one of our QB’s wake us up daily with radio from one of their stations, you can’t do that with an app so I’ll just switch to something else.

I have 38 “good” jazz stations on my system so I am sure you will find an adequate replacement.
I like the Jazz Groove, WRTI 90.1 Jazz, Jazz.FM91, but there are so many better ones that JazzFM will not be a loss to me.

There is also a new flac kid on the block that I have been listening to a lot. Good content & good SQ.

City Radio - jazz, smooth jazz and crossover jazz (Chile) (flac)


I’m quite liking Jazz24 and won’t miss the repetitive, annoying, commissioned by some tone deaf idiot ads on jazzfm… but I do like their presenters

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Yes nice station. There are so many good jazz station alternatives which is why the Bauer/PlanetRadio changes do not matter.

I do wonder if, despite their warning message, they will actually switch off the IP streams. Lots of people will not take action to handle the change and potentially they will lose a lot of their audience. The stream may continue along with the annoying message (which is the same on all their stations) which will also encourage people to turn to an alternative station.

JazzFM do not respond to e-mails even after a reminder. Not a good sign for a media company.

This move is really disheartening and again reflects the insidious drive for data capture by ‘the few’ corporations to control ‘the many’ stations’ listeners.

I shall miss Jazz fm and particularly Deb Grant. Really enjoy the chat and insight.
My next best favourite is Jazz de Ville, groove and chill channels. Always covers most of my musical moods.

@Paul_C tried your recommendations - WRTI very good, added to favourites. Can’t get City, it’s on the app but doesn’t play.

Time to explore?!

Glad you liked WRTI 90.1 Jazz. I think it is brilliant. Original credit to @opus

Perhaps they have the wrong URL for CityRadio. Which app is not working? Needs to be reported.
URL is
You can prove it in a browser.

I emailed VTuner and received the following:

*Thank you for this email. *
*We already send the inquiry to Bauer Media. We are hoping to receive positive feedback from them. *
Thank you once again.

Looking forward to Bauer’s response…[But not holding my breath] - its clearly about advertising/revenue - which I can understand if an aggregator service ‘hides’ the number of listeners (One stream in to [x] downstream) even if we are in the minority of their listeners - but surely there are ways and means for Bauer & ors to work with aggregator services to get the information they need? I wouldn’t object if NAIM/Vtuner asked permission to provide my platform & even email info…

Thanks also to all who have replied. Our Atom is on all day - streaming from a mobile is impractical as people come and go in the house [with their mobiles, let alone the interruptions when texts/emails and calls are received]…and turning the TV on [connected to the Atom via optical] just to listen to the radio is bonkers (Even an energy efficient OLED consumes power!!!).

As others have said - I am inclined to find other stations but we shouldn’t have to.