Bauer Media dropping Internet Radio Aggregator streaming

Somewhat galling to read that Bauer are ‘integrating’ their services to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - or their own online platforms. Presumably they aren’t prepared to lose the mass-market audience that use Amazon or Google but are OK with losing the smaller numbers that use VTuner or Tunein…

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I have e-mailed JazzFM three times including asking when it was going to stop - still no response.
I noticed the cessation messages on the various channels have disappeared today!
Have they been playing games?

Yes, I also found out just now, that Scala radio is still on my Mu-so and not playing the cessation message.
I wondered if it had any effect and people moved?
It didn’t with me, I just deleted the preset.

Maybe no body was signing up and they were about to commit business suicide.
We will have to wait and see.
No doubt some have already moved elsewhere based on the cessation message.


Absolute Radio disappeared a little while back from my UnitiAtom/Qb’s system (following their persistent messages warning about the changes). But, yesterday, as I was about to replace the presets, I tried it again and, hey presto, Absolute was back. Have others experienced this change?

They play absolute 80s/90s/00s at work, it’s dire radio of the worse kind.

Yes the quality of some of these streamers is dire… it’s sort of become a bit of a bargain basement of rubbish with the occasional gems.
Unlike true radio many of these web only streamers don’t need a licence and the costs of providing the service is small for modest bandwidth provision… and it is very easy to have a go… there are many service providers offering media streaming platforms to use.

Web/internet broadcasting has not taken off with ipv4 … probably because of limitations of multicast address space… ipv6 may provide more possibilities here and we might see quality improve at least in terms of general SQ if not media quality.

On a side note, pleased to see the Beeb are starting shortwave transmissions again in eastern Europe as internet access for web ‘radio’ can’t be relied on… and because of the physics of ionospheric propagation… jamming of SW is not always that effective.

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Yes the quality of some Internet Radio is dire just like British “true radio” is dire. But you do internet radio a massive dis-service with “bargain basement of rubbish with the occasional gems”.

I now listen a lot and there are many excellent stations both in content and quality across all genres. I am amazed how good many of these stations are.
I have 250 “earmarked” stations across the genres most of excellent standard and can regularly find good new stations when I look.
For jazz I see no competition to “WRTI 90.1 Jazz” or “The Jazz Groove” in “true radio”, absolutely none.
And as for Blues on British “true radio” - forget it.

It is estimated that there are 130,000 internet stations which range from big companies to the “committed guy in a bedroom”. So the easy access is a wonderful thing (from little acorns etc…) and these little guys are often the innovators, even if some fail or are very bad.

Importantly the Internet also removes the geographical restrictions of “true radio” and provides greater choice. I can listen to stations from all around the world (as I do most of the time). The internet gives me options on my radio streamer.

Some of these stations are also advancing the use of technology for example Chile and Bulgaria stations broadcasting in flac. There are thousands of occasional gems.

That I have returned to listening to radio after many years is due to excellent Internet Radio (after the dire of “true radio”) that is now possible with wider choice, no geographical boundaries, innovation, and good SQ.

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sure audio web radio streaming can be good - and there are some good services out there - but in my experience there is not much out there is quality and programming from what I have heard… unlike radio where I find diversity of programming. For continuous music I find on demand streaming services especially with playlists typically preferable…

I am not saying that all audio web ‘radio’ streaming is poor - just I have over the years become disenchanted with it, - other than the internet versions of some of more established quality radio programming such as from the BBC - but even then for much programming I find the podcast Sounds platform more relevant and relevant for my listening patterns… ie programmed material for when I want to listen to it. Though I did find it great fun in the very early days in the late 90s possibly because of the then novelty… and back then the choice was very limited.

But of course the key thing is that there is choice to suit our tastes.

Major thread drift here, none of the replies address the point made by the OP…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Agreed but think we addressed it a couple of weeks ago and Bauer/PlanetRadio has gone off the boil subsequently i.e. stopped their cessation messages and not switched the stations off (nor answered my e-mails).


Well my local radio station was consistently playing the “we are going” message on my Musos. I even emailed them and said goodbye. Then one day the station disappeared so i deleted the preset and searched for it again. Found it and it has been there since. I do have to sometimes have a couple of goes at connecting, but definitely still there. No idea if my email to the station (which I asked them to pass up the management chain) had any impact on Bauer.

The message disappeared on Planet Rock but has now reappeared, its particularly frustrating as previously i purchased a DAB tuner and installed an external DAB aerial my chimney as well as a couple of portables around the house then they stopped transmitting on my local radio master so now got a MusoQB as well as Sonus and i stream them from my Arcam AV amp to the AV input on my 282 and again they are changing their way of delivering service leaving me only with the Sonus as they built an app for that but the MusoQB is so much better!

Anyone found a solution that works ?

Hi Leslie,
i listen to Planet Rock as well and having already a number of redundant DAB products from when they use to transmit on DAB in my part of Essex.

I am particularly annoyed that having recently purchased a MusoQB they are now going to remove my access via that device as well as my Arcam AV amp/ NAC282 leaving me with just a Sonos that they will continue to support.

If you pay for one of the premium services have you notified them they are in effect terminating the contract by withdrawing access to the service and what did they say?

Well it looks like Bauer have finally pulled the plug [rather, blocked the plug] … no Absolute Radio today [Am checking other Bauer stations] available via either Naim device. This is very, very frustrating. Left with having to turn the TV on downstairs and use RadioPlayer app to the Atom [And for how long that will work…?] and Bluetooth from phone upstairs to the QB. Sigh. Time to find alternatives methinks.

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Can’t you just install the Absolute Radio app and cast to your Naim streamers? I just tried and the app doesn’t ask me to log in or register.

Yes - seems they have.
Lots of other good or better stations.
Most with great SQ, no ads, no chatter.
Bauer/Planet RIP.

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yep no planet rock on the Qb

not found a rock and metal station as good as Planet Rock anyone have any recommendations for this or a rock / prog rock station

Cannot believe that Bauer Media have killed off the Planet Rock feed. It was bad enough when they cut it from CD quality to 128. Hopefully they get everything they deserve - tossers :bomb:


Planet Rock app and casting to the streamer no good?

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