BBC iPlayer My Life as a Rolling Stone

Really enjoyed episode 1 ‘Mick Jagger’. Keith up next.



Watched this on BBC2 last night - excellent. Hope the rest of the series is as good.

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Ah, thanks for the reminder - completely forgot about this, so will catch up on iPlayer. TV viewing last was the penultimate Stranger Things episode with the teens.

Watched the Ronnie Wood episode.

Like the Mick Jagger one nothing new comes out that we didn’t know already.

Interesting insight into It’s Only Rock n’ Roll as Ronnie confirms Kenney Jones on drums and David Bowie on backing vocals.

Andy Summers thought he was in contention to take over from Mick Taylor (probably only revelation in the series) and Mick Ronson in the running too.

Some nice footage throughout.

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Personally I enjoyed Charlie’s the best - didn’t realise quite what a strong, pivotal guiding force he was amongst the others


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