BBC Proms

Just turned onto BBC Proms first night and there’s a horrible clicking noise on sound. Not evident on any other Sky Q Channel.

Not sure why we pay for this?

Sounds like a dirty vinyl record to be honest.

This was clearly a fault with one of the singer’s microphones as it stopped abruptly at 20:25. Let’s hope they sort it before soloists reappear.

I was put off watching it by the BBC advert. All the perfomers seemed to indulging in way over the top histrionics. There’s no need for it.

Just listened to Sibelius 2 from Prom 1. Hearing a live prom with audience erupting into applause at the end sent shivers down my spine. A glimmer of light at the end of a very dark period?

Reminded of just how good Beeb engineers can be at capturing a big orchestra. Such a shame we can’t hear their efforts in uncompressed FLAC. Perhaps we should love-bomb Auntie to re-instate FLAC broadcasts.



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