BBC radio stream intermittent

I am having problems with intermittent BBC Radio 2 streaming on both my Mu-so Qb’s and Uniti2 since yesterday morning. I can however listen to it on my desktop computer and to Classic FM on my Naim units without a problem. All have wired network connections and have previously been working reliably for several years. Anybody else suffering?

No probs here. That’s with BBC R4 — R2 not really my cup of tea.

Hope you get it sorted.


Radio 4 is currently running 3 hours behind via my Muso QB! It cut out around 9am so I switched to Radio Paradise and then tried R4 at lunch time. I was expecting “You and Yours” but have just been listening to “In our time” discussing quantum physics. Harder to digest than my lunch… The continuity announcer has just warned me that “Woman’s Hour” will start in 15 minutes (currnet time is 12.45).
Very strange.

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I’ve had problems with catchup with the streaming function on the Naim app. For example, the Archers omnibus would not play yesterday from both its sources. Eventually it played via the podcast source.

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I use one of the Qb’s as an alarm clock so I get an automatic check every day. Without me doing anything things returned to normal on Friday morning, Saturday was ok too, but then failed again on Sunday morning. Weird.

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I have been having problems all day (Sunday 2/10) with the BBC streams, other streams are ok as is the BBC Sounds app. The buffer drops to 0% within a minute or two of connection.

Been having problems streaming BBC 1 & 2 and Virgin from the Naim app directly. Constant buffering.
BBC absolutely fine via Sounds app/Chromcast. Anything through Global Player app fine also.
Not that it should make any difference but I am in Japan.

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Over the last days when I have tried to understand the strange happenings in the UK I have listened to radio 4 on my qb and have had a lot of replaying of the last buffered audio, sometimes mixed with the next audio. Only on radio 4 news, so I thought it was because of too much live excitement over live conference covering.

Anyone make any progress with this? My QBv1 has started to do this recently. It seems bandwidth related, so BBC R4 HD suffers more than the lower bitrate stream. My WiFi is somewhat sophisticated with multiple SSIDs and a few VLANs thrown in, but none of that has changed.

Is there any way to get log data from the MuSo? Why would this start now… I don’t see any competing stations around here. My other toys including Linn are streaming without problem from the same router/ net connexion, albeit the WiFi streamers are 5GHz these days.

I could stick the MuSo on a bit of Cat 5 cable and see if that fixes it, but I’m not sure that proves much. Either it would work or it wouldn’t, but in both cases I’d still have a broken Naim box. Hmm.

I also have a QB1, not wired. This morning I listened to Desert Island discs and some of the subsequent program on BBC R4 via the Muso. I encountered no buffering or time delay. Everything was normal. I am in the UK, so perhaps that makes a difference.

I also have a Linn streamer but I don’t think the provided BBC R4 stream is HD. Same on my Auralic, where this has been a bone of contention on their forum. Instead I stream via MinimStreamer to get HD on the Linn and Auralic devices.


Thanks, good to know.

Also in UK here. This morning… R4 was bad for me. In the Naim app normally the buffer is 100% full, but it drops to zero. Everything else has no issues, and there’s no specific change which seems to be causing the issue.

I tried using my 5GHz connected mobile and Bluetooth from there to the Naim… that worked ok. The source BBC stream appears fine. The protocol is HLS - HTTP Live Streaming. Nothing fancy there.

Currently I’m running a length of cable… 100% solid. So it’s not the BBC, and not my router, but it could be my WiFi. Except that’s not changed, and I don’t live near enough anyone to have trouble there (and no test tools show interference).

Yeah, not sure what the Linn R4 stream is, but my Linn is on 5GHz plus ethernet, so no issues there.

Work arounds: (1) buy another unit; (2) use a cable. I shall continue to try to work it out.

I didn’t do anything at all. The problem persisted for a bout 4 days, it then behaved correctly for a couple of weeks. The problem occurred again on one Monday morning but performed correctly the following day and has behaved itself ever since. As my 2 MuSo Qb’s and Uniti 2 all behaved in the same manner and they all have wired LAN connections I came to the conclusion my problem was caused by something external to my property. Had I not had several Naim units exhibiting the same problem I would probably have suspected the unit and sent it for repair!

I’m still getting this issue. However looking at it with various network analysis tools, I think it’s just that the Naim is running 2.4GHz WiFi and trying to stream over it, which is fairly demanding.

I’ve a handful of other 2.4GHz devices, but none of them are streaming, so if I have problems, it’ll be with this. Testing the Naim with a bit of Cat 5 shows no problems at all, so I shall drill some holes and wire it in.

Not a Naim problem.

Always a good solution.
Your wi-fi band could be picking up some new/intermittent interference.

“Wi-Fi works well until it doesn’t”.

To my knowledge BBC R3 is the only HD (aac/320) channel (in the UK). BBC R4 is mp3/128 like the rest of their network.

Checking on my Qb1, there seems to be a 339k stream for all the major National channels.

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I stand corrected. Think I fell into that trap previously. They are the HLS .m3u8 channels.

Audio streaming is anything but demanding for any wireless network in terms of bandwidth, and certainly should challenge any 2.4GHz network. It is, however, true that the archaic 802.11g WiFi used in the 1st gen Muso is a weak point, and for that reason it’s generally best to use a wired connection.

I believe Naim use vTuner which delivers BBC streams such as R4 in HD, at least in the U.K. Linn and Auralic use TuneIn and also, in Linn’s case, airable, both of which only offer R3 in HD.


Yes they are only using the mp3 and aac streams - not the HLS .m3u8 streams.
I use Linn Airable which otherwise is comprehensive, highly reliable and they are responsive.

The BBC HD streams are hardly flac or flac hi-res like many other stations are now adopting.