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Just heard a message cutting in during the “Today” programme on R4 that BBC Radio broadcasts on “third party” services will end during 2023 and will only be available via iSounds?

Maybe something to do with this BBC Radio - Will Mu-so support HLS/DASH? - #3 by Stevesky

This has been kicking around for a long time, but it now seems they are doing it.
The main concern for us Naimites is how this affects Naim iRadio HLS streams in UK & the separate overseas streams.
Maybe @Stevesky has some info.

I use the Sounds app for BBC radio by choice as it’s a far better UI for radio, so for me this is no loss.

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Do you use that for your main system and if so do you use chromecast?

Hls streams will continue.
Url’s here

This is the approach we have taken on the Roon Internet Radio service (I am one of the curators)

So we have removed the MPS Shoutcast links, and defaulted everyone to the HLS format, using the AAC format at the associated level for either within the UK or external to the UK.

Maybe a similar approach could be taken on the Naim iRadio service so that customers don’t hear the ‘This service is ending soon’ announcement.

I use it with AirPlay. In theory that’s not the best option for sound quality, but as BBC streams are lossy in any case I don’t think that’s a big deal.

Thanks very much

So I don’t use Roon. I have the NAIM app on Android so my question is:

Are NAIM on the case with this?

Naim have previously replied on the threads on here. Stevesky I think.

It was Stevesky and his answer was a longer and more informative version of “Yes Naim is on the case”.

This is one of his relevant responses:

Very helpful - thanks

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