BBC streaming changes from 2023

I currently listen to BBC internet radio on my Uniti.

I have been getting a pre-recorded message saying that this will end in 2023. Here is the link.

Will my Uniti still receive BBC radio via their new streaming methods?




Thanks, so are the BBC’s new streaming platforms already in place for me to switch my Uniti to?


This is the answer from Naim’s software director.

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Thanks for the reply.

Can I attach a Bluetooth WiFi adapter to my Uniti, as per this BBC link.



You could do that, although I would go for either AirPlay or Chromecast rather than Bluetooth. If you’re an Apple user get an AirPort Express, or for Android a Chromecast Audio, and connect it to an optical input.

Very weird indeed.

These extracts are written using language which approximates to my own, but they convey no meaning to me at all.

I must be getting old faster than I realise.


Remember BBC HD is BBC SUB-HD.
And under the new arrangements will still be BBC SUB-HD!

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