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The radio 2 stream currently just outputs a message saying that BBC radio will soon stop working on my Bluesound devices. Anyone know what options will be available to access BBC via Bluesound in the UK??

R2 on all my streamers is not working this am. Recorded message re changes 2023 or stuck on the 7 am or 8 am news, constantly repeating.
Other BBC radio streams are working though.
Edit. I can use Sounds to BT to the devices though at a poorer quality.

Agree can BT using Sounds but this is not convenient at all - means having to always have my phone to hand, fire-up Sounds App on phone, connect via BT to devices - BT connection drops if I move around the house…

Exactly. I hope this R2 problem is temporary.

Surely you would use AirPlay instead of Bluetooth which would avoid disconnection every time you leave the room.

I am using airplay this am for Ken. Just have to remember not to close the app on the ipad when switching to another app.

Android phone here. I imagine there will be a way to make it work but it’s a pain having to install apps and fire them up, get them talking to each other etc etc when all I want to do is turn the radio on…

Related to BBC stopping shoutcast streams I think…

… but obviously something else amiss if it’s causing problems now.

Ken has finished and I can’t stand Vine so switched to another station. Sound quality sounds amazing after the BBC Sounds app. The Beeb are going to have to rethink this if they want to keep listeners.

They don’t care - they have got your money!

I do not want to have loads of different apps to listen to radio. BBC are not alone.
There are better stations so I will go elsewhere.

I’ve just tried BBC R2 through my streamer and find it’s working fine. Now switching back to R3 (on FM).

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Mine is now. Ta

I’ve always been a defender of the principle of public service broadcasting and by extension the license fee but if I can’t readily access the BBC’s radio - which as you say, I’ve paid for - I’d change my view.

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Update: received this email from Bluesound today:

Bluesound Support Crew.

We are aware you may have been hearing announcements that shortly, BBC’s live radio streams will not be available on TuneIn in the United Kingdom.

BBC has recently approved BluOS for direct access to their live Radio Stations. This Music Service will be available (by default) in the Navigation Drawer. This feature is currently under development and will be released soon.

Also, you can stream the live Radio Stations directly to the Bluesound Player using Airplay or Bluetooth.

We will be posting updates for this on our public community thread. Please follow this thread for the latest news and timelines.

Thanks for #LivingHiFi.

The Bluesound Support Crew

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Svetty, really useful.

I was getting the message about the change in 2023 earlier today and searched for a work round.

BT and Airplay were two options, but really good to hear Bluesound are going to have direct access.

This afternoon Radio 2 was playing as normal.

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