Beatles Finale Now and Then song

The last song with all the fab four to be aired today at 2 00 pm BBC national and local radio will broadcast it, comment on the song welcome, B side is there first single Love Me Do.

Amazing what software and talent employed by Peter Jackson to isolate John Lennon’s voice from a home made recording on a simple cassette tape., astounding!


Very moving, that.


Pretty enough tune, sung beautifully by John Lennon. But… The production is heavy handed, the overbearing piano sound is all wrong, and the delicacy of the song is all but crushed by the unfortunate “modern-ness”.

Sorry, pop pickers.


Pretty rubbish really. Chances were always that it was never going to be any good.

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‘Free As A Bird’ was miraculous, but lightning doesn’t strike twice.

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Funny isn’t it - I think it’s alright, not great but alright. Free as a Bird though - utter dirge.


Well, there you go! Wouldn’t life be dull if we all liked the same music!

(I think that the guitar playing on FAAB is fabulous.)

Did Paul say he did the slide Guitar bit in Georges style. Does that mean they didn’t keep Georges bits, or perhaps they kept the non-slide bits

Also I wonder who gets the proceeds, as presumably “The Beatles” are out of contract.

It’s… F A B


Listened to it a few times now: loved the opening section of John, then gives way and or is appropriated by Paul’s ideas and approach.

Production wise it feels delicately poised between overwrought and sensitively done.

Looking forward to hearing it on disc.

I never really warmed to Free As A Bird, but liked Real Love, and Now and Then at least shares that childlike melancholy peculiar to John more than Paul.

Not bad, on first listen. Not “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” or anything, but I don’t think anyone was expecting that. But OK. Not a disaster or anything.

The dread hand of Jeff Lynne has been largely restrained, which is a huge relief (“Free As A Bird” was ruined by him and ended up sounding like ELO) but the production leads a bit to be desired.

An amazing technical achievement with Lennon’s voice, considering the ropey quality of the original tape.

Hopefully it’ll keep Ladbaby off the Xmas No.1 slot.


On the B side, Paul’s solo vocal on the “Love me Do” after ple-ee-ee-ee-ee-eese sounds wobbly or something to my old ears.


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I’ve only played it once so far, but thought it sounded rather good and certainly better than much of the tosh released today. I’m also impressed with what’s been done with Love Me Do. I look forward to receiving the red and blue sets.

Vaguely misogynistic early solo era Lennon that, had it been a B side, we’d have never spoken of again. As it is I doubt that World Party at their most derivative would have had it as a B side. I’d best not start on the other two tracks. All three are essentially not worthy of the name in any respect and I won’t be wasting a second longer on it.


I’ve just had my first listen while it’s not a masterpiece it’s not as bad as I was expecting. Only heard it on my iPhone via AirPods, nice dovetailing it with Love Me Do which game as refreshing burst of pop.

Definitely listen again through my proper setup.

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Not vaguely, a Lennon solo track and by definition not worthy of the Beatles.


The song may have some merit but the cover is the most boring thing I’ve seen. Surely with all that money available they could have come up with something more inspiring.

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