Beatles - Get Back

Kev’s previous thread is now locked, so I thought I would create a new one, seeing that the official trailer for Peter Jackson’s film has now been released. Here it is in all its glory. Holy Moses, it’s flippin’ fantastic…


Very exciting. I just hope it has a wider release than just Disney + Channel, especially for those of us who cannot stream reliably.


I cannot wait!


Just received the CD box set! Excited for the film too. Very.

Great trailer! There’s a Giles Martin interview over on Super Deluxe Edition too…


I thought it was due to be released on October 15th ?

Yes, it is, but a helpful friend arranged for an early copy.

Though I’m not listening to it until Saturday night when a truly Beatles obsessive friend (I’m merely a big fan!) is coming over to share the first play.

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Interesting item on the Super Deluxe Edition . Com site where Paul interviews Giles Martin on the mixing of Let It Be - worth a read.

My vinyl arrives today. Particularly looking forward to the Don’t Let Me Down tracks.

The 45rpm side of Down Let Me Down, sounds incredible. Stunning vinyl boxset. Stunning.

Giles Martin knocks it out the park again, now how can we persuade him to go back and do Rubber Soul and Revolver.


Loving the remix of Let it Be, the soundstage is incredible, transforms the listening experience imho!

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Looks like I may have to wait until Xmas for this one…

A relative of mine is in charge of handling the Disney marketing for this

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Is the CD box set still Called Let It Be? Or Get Back? I am having trouble finding it.

I also hope the film comes out on Blue Ray or DVD.

The CD box is called Let It Be.

I’m also hoping the film will get a Blu-ray release after it’s streaming premiere. I’m sure it will.

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Thanks, Charles - that was what I was seeing, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing out on some other Fabalicious treats!

On the downside, I had pre-ordered the book from Mr. Bezos. It arrived 2 days ago ahead of schedule, wrapped in its sealed plastic. When I unsealed it and opened it, this was what I saw:

I stared for more than a few seconds in disbelief…even to the point of wondering if it was supposed to be this way. (An artful statement about the Beatles’ breakup or something.) My mind boggles at the back story behind this. (A jealous Dave Clark 5 fan working in the factory?)

I called the River and had a replacement (no torn page) in 14 hours. Now I have both.


Downloaded the deluxe version last night, been listening all afternoon. Brings a tear to an old fans’ eyes, looking forward to the movie.


Aaaaarrrh. And phew!

If only I’d looked after it better :woozy_face::roll_eyes::cry::money_mouth_face:

Just received today :slightly_smiling_face: