Beeb by using optic tv cable

I have connected my tv via an optic cable to my naim atom. The sound is good, but each time a movie or serie is finished I hear a loud beeb out of my speakers. Anyone familiar with this phenomenon?

I’ve not come across this before, at least not specifically. What brand and model of tv is it? Is it set to convert all to PCM stereo?

Sounds like a fault with your TV. I have no such issue with my lgTV into my NDX2, or any of my Chord DACs.

Is this, while the TV is still running and the movie has finished?
I have a “noise” (more “brp” than “beep”), when switching the TV off, while Nova (previously Atom) is still set to the SPDIF input. Via headset or speaker.

I change input or switch off the Nova before switching off the TV.

It’s a 2011 LG in my case.

It is a Samsung. The signal is coming from the television so I think it is something like a standby of the television. I think this cannot be solved other than buying a new television :blush:

I think this is the same phenomenon. Something like a rest light beam out of the tv.

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