Before I explode some speakers

Can I just check the pre out (4 pin din) on the original uniti is variable, not fixed? I want to hook it up to some active speakers but dont want to ruin my friday.

The pre out via the DIN4 socket is variable. Fixed is via the RCA line outs.

Noice thanks.

All thing being equal is the pin out on the uniti likely to be the same as a supernait, the manual has a nice diagram for supernait, not so for uniti?

Standard DIN4 output - so yes.

Yes that is what I have done, I am going in wish me luck (Lucking I have shitty pair of actives that I cannot even give away on freecycle, these will be for testing :slight_smile: )

Well it works and there was hardly any fire or anything!


No burning smell or fire is always a good sign :+1:

Is there any reason to believe sub out would be disabled if pre is used? Its either that or I have to guess where large speaker and sub is on the knackered display lol.

However they are currently doing nothing. but I resent the uniti (Screen is caput) I was of the impression default was large speaker and sub, hence wondering if pre out disables sub and speaker terminals perhaps?

Pre out is always on so it should have no effect on the sub outputs. If you set the speaker settings on the speaker menu to Large only then the sub outputs are disabled. Small + Sub and Large + Sub enable them.

Yeah fair enough, they must be disabled then. Not sure I have the will to blindly work it out again to be honest lol.

I don’t know the original Uniti, but can you change the settings using the Naim app on your phone? Just a random thought.

No afraid not sadly.

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