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Echoes of Not the 9 o clock news sketch in the Hi-Fi shop but here goes… I’ve been given hundreds of CDs which I intend to burn on to my Unitiserve. It makes some horrible noises but seems to be doing the job. Is that normal, whining, thrumming graunching ? That’s a side issue.
How do I make all that material on the Unitiserve available on the move, in the car or on a mobile device. In the past I have tried to download my music to an SD card but many of the tracks will not play. I’ve been going round in circles synching this that and the other and I’m quite fed up with the whole process. Can anyone advise. Thanks. Tim

You need it all in flac. The US can be set to do this. Back it up to a nas and then copy from that for mobile use.

The noises don’t sound right to me. There could be a fault with the disc reader, or perhaps if you’re ripping CDs that you have previously burnt, as CDRs are sometimes badly made.
You should definitely follow HH’s advice and rip to FLAC, otherwise the metadata will not be accessible to most non-Naim devices.
I use Unitiserve CD rips on a USB stick in my car, and on a Sony portable player. Just locate the Unitiserve music folder via a computer and copy the files to the other device.

You do need it in flac as HH says, but you can copy it from the music/MQ folder of the US without backing it up to a NAS first, if you don’t happen to have a NAS handy.



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