Beige Painted SL2

I saw some SL2s painted glossy Beige on eBay

I have never seen a painted SL2, did Naim ever offer such a painted version?

There was no such official finish. However, Naim did offer an extra cost service to have a piano black finish applied. This was done by a local custom car paint company. I can’t recall whether any SL2s were ever done like this though, or whether a piano white finish was ever done. Perhaps ask the seller the story first, then, if they say it was done by Naim, contact Naim support to see whether anyone recalls.

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Richard, when I had my IBL’s in black ash many years ago now I once enquired about the possibility of obtaining a pair in piano black. As I recall I was advised against it as it was felt that these did not sound as good. Can you shed any light on this? Is it the case that piano black finish has a negative effect on sound quality?
Strangely I was also told the same thing by my dealer when I bought my LP12 - don’t go for a black one, they look good but they don’t sound as good.

Yes, it was felt that it did affect the performance adversely, particularly on the IBL, SBL, and SL2, hence why only available with a degree of arm-twisting.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Richard. I always thought that the IBL’s in piano black would have looked terrific in our flat at the time - we had a pink carpet so a lovely contrast, and my wife was very keen. Glad I didn’t bother!

I did rather like piano black with DBLs. I’d still find it very hard to resist a pair if they appeared…

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Generally, a speaker designed and voiced in either wood veneer or gloss lacquer will sound best in that. Veneer and lacquer cabinets don’t sound the same.

So if a maker offers 5 gloss and one veneer, you know which will probably sound best.

I have to imagine the effect as very subtle though. Be interesting to compare. My local dealer reckons B&W sound significantly worse in veneer being designed for lacquer.

Thanks Richard for the clarifications. I am waiting for the seller’s response. His was an unusual beige car paint type finish. I think he is based in Germany,.

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