Ben Sidran/ Total collection on Bandcamp

New albums, never realized since, of Ben Sidran live to come.
And probably all his albums on Bandcamp.
You have guessed, I am his fan !

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I remember his album Bop City being raved about in the hifi press in the 70s or 80s. I’ve just looked at it and it has Peter Erskine and Eddie Gomez on drums and bass. For $7 plus tax it looks interesting. It that one you’d recommend?

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I’ve just listened to Bop City on Tidal. I used to have it on vinyl many moons ago. Great record.


I have a lot of him, each different, with different musicians. I like very much The Doctor is in, and the albums from debut 70’s.
Bandcamp has the complete discography, so I want to discover other I have not yet.
There are some new unrealized yet live albums to come, so nice program.

In the mood of Bob City, I like that one, with Phil Upchurch, Leo Sidran, Mike Manieri, Phil Woods. Great sound. Live from 1998.


From 1972

Other favorite


This might help - Rateyourmusic my goto site for a quick overview.

Why it should help Andy?
Perhaps we are different, but personally I don’t really trust or have interest in ratings.
A bit on journalist reviews, but still just for curiosity.
Ben Sidran discography is very huge, beginning in 1969, so 50 years . No much to stray away, apart perhaps 3 or 4 albums.

For me:-

  1. It gives you a full artist catalogue of Studio / Live / Compilations.

  2. The scores I view as relative to each other rather than specific

  3. Links to other related bands and associations for an artist

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Ah ok, i know agree. I was more focused on ratings…

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