Hi What is the benefit of pairing a FlatcapXS to a Nait XS3 ?
Thank you.

Improved power to the preamp stage, allowing the internal psu to dedicate itself to the power amp section.

Yes, but does it really worth buying a Flatcap to power an XS3 ?
It’s not evident.
With a NAC 112 and stageline, more.

Well, if you consider adding £1k to the price of an xs3 is not far off the £ of a supernait 3, then no. But the benefit (or function) is as described. Whether that’s worth it to the owner is a matter for them to listen and decide.
Personally, I would trade up.

When I had a Nait XS, I added a FlatCap XS. To my ears the sound improved, reinforcing what the Nait was good at, unlike adding a HiCap, which changed its nature and sounded forced to me. But the improvement was subtle and whether it’s really worth £1k must be an individual choice.

Whilst upgrading to a SuperNait looks appealing, that would surely leave the OP’s front end very exposed. Indeed, I’d be looking towards something like a ND5XS2 rather than an amp upgrade. Assuming the profile is correct, of course.



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He mentioned powering a CD5xs as well in another thread. I had a 5x and that could live with a 282 if as a second source.

Thanks everybody. I mixed up the new CD player With the discontinued one. There is no benefit for adding the flatcap XS with the the CD wich does not have any connection for adding anything.
Also my Nait XS3 should very marginally benefit from the Flatcap XS… so probably I would spend my money better on another future benefit.
I love the product NAIM. But I must say the manual are very, very minimalist in my point of view.
So this forum is a lifesaver. :grinning:

Hi Gizmo, it might be helpful to update your profile; we don’t all follow every post on every thread here.

If you do have a CD5XS, an NDAC, if you can find one, will give you far more bang for your buck than a FlatCap. I speak from experience.


It’s all rather mysterious. His post above says it has no connections for adding anything, which makes it sound much more like a 5si.

None, not worth the money, sell your XS and use funds to get a SN2.

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