Benefits from the Naim forum

Hi, I have been using these forums for 6 months or so and in that time have moved from Myryad 2070 amp, Neat Motive 2 speakers and Marantz KI CD6000 CD player to NDX2/SN3/Kudos Titan 606, Roon/Tidal/Qobuz/ripped CDs/SACDs and tips on what albums to explore in a few steps thanks to 3 excellent Naim dealers and these excellent forums.
Unlike many, I feel that I am at the end of my journey and content to focus on the music.

The forums are free and therefore I can state that the contributions of many are invaluable.

What do others think?

How have the forums helped, or perhaps, hindered you?


I have learned a lot and hopefully, contributed and helped when I can.


It’s shown that I’m not the only one who is slightly mad when it comes to hifi. There is comfort in company.


I think there are several benefits from the forum.
It does offer a lot of technical support to people with issues and queries from a set of knowledgeable members who’re happy to help.
It does allow people to discuss possible upgrade paths with people who know Naim kit well (although with the divergent advice on offer I sometimes wonder if it clarifies or confuses :grinning:).
The music threads are a fantastic resource for finding new music and artists, and a place to have the occasional chat about music with people as committed as you are.
I also note that on quite a few threads about what music means, people are very open about mentioning very traumatic experiences in their lives, and the responses are always considered and supportive. It’s fantastic to have a culture where people feel that they can be open about personal pain in a hifi forum. It says a lot about the members, and is also a credit to @Richard.Dane who moderates with exactly the right level of control and friendliness to allow this atmosphere.


Have to agree with Eoink and the OP, its a great forum and @Richard.Dane does a great job of herding us in the right direction, if needed.
My favourite stream is the new music thread…found such great music and enjoyment, often unexpected, that i would never find.:+1:


In relation to the Hi-Fi Corner, there are times when the wealth of differing opinions may be overwhelming and there is a danger the OP becomes even more confused. Nonetheless, there are some posters who’s opinions I have come to respect and take notice of if I am in need of advice or a second opinion.


This is one of the only hiding forums I have come across that doesn’t degenerate into a name calling argument about cables every other post!

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Hiding = hifi

Nothing is free. Just saying.

He does a great job, indeed, but I think it is herding us from the wrong direction rather than into the right direction. That’s up to us.

The forum has cost me money (New gear) but ultimately has saved me money by learning from others missteps.

@Bjm nice system btw!


I find the forum has been great for syphoning cash from my bank account, no wonder Naim keep it going. Negatives would be the tendency for obsessiveness and upgradeitis which is probably quite unhealthy, again, no wonder Naim keep it going! Oh, and I really enjoy the music & photo threads too!


Similar to the OP. It’s a great forum for knowledge sharing, getting great tips and general enjoyment around our systems.

Downside is temptation for more, but firmly holding ground with my SN2/HiCAP/NDX2/XPS DR, which is stella by my standards and beyond what I was going to invest and I’m still married, so all good.


It’s cost me a fortune :cry: But I love it !
I’m currently in a state of audio Nirvana :slightly_smiling_face:


It certainly benefits Naim!

That said, I do think that the company is remarkably tolerant of people recommending non-naim equipment; something that other company sites are VERY defensive about.


I think they have the balance about right. They are not so naive as to think that there is no competition out there, and they are a strong enough brand to take a bit of criticism when it comes along. Perhaps criticism of any perceived shortcomings when compared with other brands is one of the most useful things that the forum provides for Naim.


Good for information and guidance but terrible for causing you to be dissatisfied with your own system and bank balance.
I’m sure that if I owned a statement system after half an hour on here I’d start thinking an upgrade was necessary!


Oh they help. David Hendon made a good comment and helped me to change tack


No but you’d likely be fretting about cables, mains, temperature, humidity, phase of the moon, inter-dimensional instability in the space-time continuum etc etc just like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It has been very beneficial to me to be in, and understand, the Naim universe; I was very lost at first.

Very good people with a willingness to help, and some affinities that begin to be born…

Well for Naim in terms of flexibility, tolerance and freedom, although I disliked a little the stance on the prohibition of political issues, because, finally, life is political, since we got out of bed and even when we slept…

@Richard.Dane’s work is fantastic…

As for the issue of continuous upgrade anxiety, I believe the best antidote is to have clear goals and expectations, and well-founded convictions; as I pointed out in another thread, there is really nothing perfect in this world, nor in the Universe, which points even to the emptiness of the very concept of perfection.


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