Benz Glider with Superline settings

Hi there,

What setting do I have to use with the Benz Glider SL low icw the Superline?
Specs Benz:

  • Internal impedance: 38ohm

  • Frequency response: 10-50,000Hz

  • Channel balance: Better than 1dB

  • Channel separation: Better than 40dB @ 1000Hz, better than 30dB @ 10,000Hz

  • Tracking @ 2 grams: Greater Than 80um

  • Dynamic compliance: 15um/mN

  • Recommended loading: 1000-47,000 ohms

Thanks for the assistance



As a rule of thumb R380 and a min C100
It really does make a difference to get it right

I’ve just got my Mastergroove back from being upgraded to SR and when I played it initially with R500 there was no low bass and little dynamics
Setting it to R100 which is correct for my cartridge, this changed it completely and the sound was back to where it should be albeit much improved due to the SR upgrade


Try to contact Peter from @Cymbiosis, a really friendly person. He gave me the right resistor and capacitor for my Linn Kandid as an airplug late last year and I’m still excited about this setup. Maybe he also has the right values for the Benz.

Thanks for the replies. I will do some trail and error first.

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