Beresford Bushmaster DAC


I have a chance to buy one of these second hand with power supply, to be placed in a (new) streaming system. I have no existing DAC.

I can’t find out much about these online, does anyone have any experience of this product?


I’d ask the same question in the pink fish place. A few users there.

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In my pre Naim set up - technics CD player (SLPS 770D) and amp (se900s mk2) - as well as recording equipment, the beresford dac made a big difference.
But I can’t compare it to any other stand aloe dac - got mine on ebay and was worth the money in terms of the system I had.

I bought it new when it came out and had it with my previous budget system (NAD CD player, Squeezebox Touch and TV, feeding a NAD C326 integrated amp), it was excellent, a great improvement to the sound.

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