Besides green lights

I still have my 3020B and had it recapped 2 years ago after it languished in the loft for many years.

Paired with an old Dual turntable, an old Sony CD player, a Nakamichi tape deck and Wharfedale speakers, it still sounds pretty good.


My old Marantz 2330B


Always liked the look of Duevel Bella Lunas, never heard them and they don’t seem to turn up in Naim systems but I do like the looks.


V2 metal edition with metal cat-safe grill, round stainless steel construction removing all standing waves. Front facing port (just visible next to armrest) for placement flexibility. Top section with built-in light as well. 11kW output! :sunglasses:

It is actually a gasmart meridian outdoor gas heater. :joy:

Something has alway appealed to me about horns, though many don’t look particularly attractive. However this one is unusual in being a thing of beauty because you (almost) can’t see it, if that isn’t an oxymoron!The Fergusson-Hill FH-001 is a fairly large horn going down to upper bass, but not looking large because they’re transparent! I guess might pass the Significant Other test better than other horns, while being usable in front of large windows without significant reduction in light or perceived loss of view.

Whilst the transparent subs match in terms of near invisibility, I wonder if sonically something like a pair of Wilson Denes h Toruses would be better, while small enough to not be overly visible.

The other speaker I think is visually stunning is from B&W: the Nautilus:


Well it does seem to make the missus happy, so that’s a good thing… :wink:

Egg chair noticed. Very very good chair.

Wow, clear horns and subs are definitely the most interesting I have ever seen! But the egg chair is going to significantly affect the experience with the “wings” around the head.

This is probably a more sonically transparent alternative.

Does the seat come complete as shown in the pic? If so, I presume the, ahem, upholstery can be adjusted for maximum comfort?


Yep, I checked with my better half. V1’s WAF score is poor. :sweat_smile:

There’s a chair in this picture?

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This chair fails miserably as far as sonic properties is concerned. Mind you, all egg chairs are really bad for the back without significant cushioning.

That said, I still like the picture very much.

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Had one of those a lovely deck.

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This was my first real amplifier - still have a soft spot for it. It even had tone controls for each channel. It was 70 watts into 4 ohms and is a relatively small box.



Definitely agree those Fergusson hill horns look a triumph of form over function, although no doubt more style over substance.
Bet they sounded like a dead fish . Stinked but with an excellent degree of transparency

Some more pretty vintage green lights

I just really like wood and vu-meters…


Seems to use a similar frequency display for the tuner as the early Naim tuners!


No contribution of @frenchrooster on this topic yet. Brace for impact when he arrives here!


I see a lot of vintage gear here, so my modern tastes will probably not please a lot.
But i will try, because you invited me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hard to beat the striking looks of the Mario Bellini designed Yamaha TC-800;