Best alternative to naim streamer or dac

Using Sonos nDac/XPS dr at the front…don’t want old NDS… new NDS555 is too much…where to go…thinking of other good fits for my 252/300…anyone used anything else at the front? Cheers Adrian.

Ndx2, naims newer streamer board, and almost NDS sound quality.

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The nDAC is still a great bit of kit and deserves a better source than the Sonos. Look at something like a DCS bridge to front the nDAC.

Understood that dac order was - ND555, NDS, Ndac…then NDX2…hence didn’t go NDX2 route.

Will have to research that…cheers for the suggestion James.

DCS bridge means computer networks etc… wanted to avoid that!

If you keep the NDAC, an ND5XS2 would make a good digital transport via SPDIF with the same functionality as the NDX2 at a much lower price.


Nice…haven’t thought about that…

Not sure what the streamer (excluding dac) adds to the sound quality…?

For a small cost I am using this as a front end streamer, see a previous post of mine here.

I am also experimenting with a Raspberry pi 4 using software called picoreplayer. See here.

Plugins allow for all sorts of internet stream sources like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and Radio Paradise for a few. Plugins also allow for the use of nifty front ends like iPeng for Apple and Orange Squeeze for Android.

It’s wonderful especially if you have a nDAC already. I’m over the moon with the combo. It’s a visual match as well if you care about these things.


The NDAC is, I think, more sensitive than some DACs to the quality of the digital transport that feeds it.
Also, you get better support for HiRes file formats than you get from Sonos, including Qobuz 24 bit streams which sound very good.


You’re going to be a bit limited on streamers if you want to avoid networks. What do you actually want to do - play from ripped discs, use streaming services etc ?

Auralic makes great streamers and Dac’s. As do Chord, Aurrender, Cambridge, Naim

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I would recommend an Innuos zenith or Melco n1z2. Connected with usb/ spdif cable to the Ndac. Your weak link is the Sonos.
Or DCS network bridge or Auralic G1/ G2. ( With Ndac too)

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Primare NP5 Network Streamer
Meridian 210

i have been considering something similar for my second system nd5xs/ndac/112/fc2/150 - love those slim boxes. Find it frustrating when i want to play a qobuz tune in that room but cant. or something from my phone via bluetooth. I was considering the bluenode 2i. Versatile and seemingly good value and boast a coaxal out for the ndac which should sound love lovely with my BC1 cable. Having said that the other evening i accidentally had the nd5xs mirroring what the ND555 was playing in the main room so maybe i dont need to buy anything just control the ND555 and slave the ND5XS in the other room… :face_with_monocle: good luck with your search and never part with that gorgeous sounding NDAC :+1:

Want to continue to stream…

Am wondering if NDX2 with 555ps would perform better than Ndac with Sonos?

To stream what Adrian - Tidal, Qobuz ? . Do you have CDs ripped and stored that you play too ?