Best Amp for Graham Audio Chartwell BBC LS3/5 (not LS3/5a) Monitors

What was the deciding factor to go with Chartwell LS3/5 rather than 3/5a?

( … or the other near-equivalents - or even the nowhere-near-equivalents (I’m thinking Kans here… ) - mentioned earlier?)

Why did I go with the LS3/5 rather than the LS3/5a?

I am in Canada, and Graham Audio have changed their Canadian/North American distributor a few times. I was able to buy the LS3/5 from a distributor who no longer represented the brand. The distributor was clearing out his stock at very nice prices.


Ha! As good a reason as any… :wink:

I use my non-a Graham Chartwell LS3/5s with an Atom and it sounds very good. I don’t think you can go wrong with any Naim with these speakers.

My choice to go with the 3/5, to answer AndyR, was a preference for them after demoing the Falcons and the Chartwell LS3/5a at home. They seemed to have more authority and control in the bass without losing any detail or midrange magic. Now being more familiar with most of the newer iterations of the speaker type, I wonder if another demo of a few of the contemporary speakers would leave me with the same opinion. The LS3/5 are great speakers!