Best app for streaming internet radio?

I’ve been using Spotify for my music and the Naim app for internet radio stations for my mu so. I find the app temperamental on iOS. Just wondered if anyone used anything that might be better


I can’t say I find the Naim App temperamental on my iPad or iPhone. I tend to just save the Internet radio stations I like as a favourite, for easy access, but have had no issues looking for stations.

What problems have you had? Is iOS up to date (13.5.1)? Have you tried deleting the App and installing it again? Are you sure you don’t have a network (Wi-Fi) issue (e.g running two routers, extenders, etc.)?

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Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but still the same. I had a couple of Naim recommends paradise and jb2 in favourites but when I tap on them they don’t seem to work and I have to close app and reopen to then select any radio station. Maybe it’s the stations rather than the app as other favourites aren’t an issue. Fully up to date with iOS. Muso just back from naim having been repaired

As I don’t have any issues when using the App with my Muso Qb or Uniti Star it may be a network issue. However, start by performing a network reset on you iOS device (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings). This will require you to re-enter your Wi-Fi password again as all past connections will be deleted.

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