Best first accessory for a Naim Uniti Atom HE

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I’ve about to order a new Naim Uniti Atom HE for my desk listening when working from home. I’m buying (here in the UK) the Focal Clear MG headphones as the bundle is a bit of a saving from buying separately.

What do users think would be a worthwhile first accessory to buy for this kit? Maybe a different power cable? Currently not planning to add an amp/active speakers until we move to another house. Currently using the Naim MuSo2 in the conservatory which I think gives great sound.

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Just enjoy it!

Let it burn in, and your headphones too. They both improve over time. Then sit back and think about whether you want to spend more money, and what you want to improve.

My experience with headphone listening suggests that the first itch might be different headphones to try. I am not a fan of the Focal designs I have heard, you might want to try different brands and styles (open/closed for example). Having a choice of cans for different music and moods suits me.



Thanks Bruce, point taken.

FWIW I have just arranged to part ex my Atom for an HE. I always use mine with a power amp, but the HE wasn’t around when I bought the Atom. I use my various headphones and IEMs in both of my systems in different ways.


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Apart from the Focal Clear MG headphones I was looking at a pair of Sennheiser HD800S.

Currently have some Grado 325X open back which are pretty good with my Chord Mojo2 but the small foam head cups don’t cover my ears and just sit on my ears (I have small ears BTW!). Also a pair of Fiio FX15 IEMs but can’t really get on with IEMs after using for a while.


If you have the funds, consider the Focal Utopia

I wished, out of my price range unfortunately.

…but not without trying them first. I didn’t like them at all.

If you like the Grado sound then the RS and GS ranges have some really good models. And larger pads.

However, above all, enjoy what you have when it arrives!


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have found the Grado very uncomfortable. Great sound but I could not wear the RS versions for more than a few minutes. The GS were better in that regard. I have no issues with the Focal Utopia into my SN3. I am using Cardas Beyond Clear cables. 4.5 M.

My streamer and PS is better than the Atom HE, so I would be paying for functionality I would not use. Also I have no more rack space for an external headphone amp.


Here is my suggestion: A Focal headphone stand.


I love my Focal headphone stand. Very well made. There’s cheaper but you get what you pay for.

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The HE with Clear MG is a great combination, got that myself.

Agreed with letting it burn in and enjoying it. It’s a great sounding setup.

Later you can demo a power cable and hear for yourself if it make a difference for you.

And if you add a good power amp to it and a good set of speakers you have a system that punches way above its weight.


Good one. I was planning a headphone stand, Etsy has some nice sold wood carved ones that are too expensive.

For headphone spend some time and do the demos - getting the right balance of sound and comfort is important.

I ended up with HIfiman xs edition. I found the Focals looked lovely but performance was just about ok, 800’s were good but not enough to convince me and I found Meze a little dark for my liking - others all rate them….



The ROOMs headphone stand looks and works great with Focals and is a lot more cost effective. Personally I prefer its look.


MCRU mains cable.

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Thanks, yes that’s the deal I was looking at as it saves a few hundred pound.

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I’ll have all of them :smiley: I’ll

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I’d second that @Kryptos, re the Clear Mg and burn in. I’ve also got Focal Celestee’s for when closed back is appropriate. I love them both but it’s always best to demo before buying.

@NickyB, Active speakers may be a nice future upgrade. I’ve recently bought some PMC active Twenty5 23i’s and love them.

You could maybe think about upgrading the headphone cable after everything’s burnt in and you’ve got used to the sound.

One more thing, if you’re using a headphone stand I can recommend the ROOMs Audio Line range.


@Kryptos, you beat me to it re the Rooms headphones😁

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