Best Flatcap To Naim CD5X Power Supply Lead?

What is the power supply lead called (DIN5 to DIN5) from a Flatcap (or in my case a Non-Naim PSU) to a Naim CD5x? The free cable I got sent with my PSU is damaged.

It’s a SNAIC5. Make sure you only use a genuine Naim SNAIC.

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Genuine part number is zero ten 64, 2020 rrp price was £189
Tom Tom have one “excellent condition” at £159 when I googled “Naim 5 pin snaic”

There are a few on the Bay Place, for less.

Assuming you know what you are looking for, that is.

Avoid Fake Snaics.

Agreed. The top picture above shows the Grey Naim SNAIC.

Here is the Black SNAIC, which replaced it - and is… better:


Note the writing on the cable - naim snaic.

PS. The numbers (NA-xx) often found on Naim’s leads are to identify who made it. Nothing more.

If you are buying a Snaic why not just buy the Flatcap X and actually get the correct power supply for the player? The Flatcap comes with the correct Snaic and will cost not much more than buying a new Snaic! I sold one a few years back for £250! A non Naim brand PSU makes zero sense at this price point. The fact the cable is already damaged should be a red flag.

The top picture in Robert’s post is the standard ‘lavender’ DIN5 interconnect rather than a SNAIC5 which is not what the OP needs.

As you say, just get the genuine Naim one as pictured in your post and there will be no issues.

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Yes, I think you are correct. It is a genuine Naim lead, though - and it definitely is Grey/Lavender in colour. I cannot see the ‘cut back’ Black heatshrink covered sections I would expect on a Grey SNAIC.

Apologies… :cry:

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When in doubt:

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All this great information, just waiting to be found - on this Forum… :expressionless:

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