Best internet radio anyone?

Thanks for the info


May 25

JB Radio2 is back in flac (according to High Resolution Audio site).
Still no website and no Facebook posting.

Flac sounds good but seems to stop after every track !
Also the aac-320 stream has stopped working now so all a bit of a mess.
UPDATE 25/0/2021: The flac stream was not working today - so seems very flaky.

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I listen to a couple of local stations: WXPN from UPenn in Philly and WXPN 2. Also WRTI for jazz and of course from NYC WQXR one of the great classical radio stations.


JB Radio2 mp3/320 stream on

JB Radio2 aac/320 stream on

Website back.
UPDATE: Still flaky - AAC stream off today.

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An update on
As of today, all of their streams via vtuner have vanished. The main stream is still available via - MP3/128KB. Their other streams (The Grooveyard, Oscar Peterson, & High Standards) will hopefully return when the good folks at vtuner can find them.
Update: Oscar Peterson stream is - MP3/128KB
Update2: New channel - Respect (all vocal) is - MP3/128KB
Other channels (Grooveyard & High Standards are no longer).


Just airplay’d via via iPad to Sonos port to nac 272, sounds pretty good

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Hi guys. The one I listen to mostly is a local Romanian station - Radio Play Cafe / Play Hitz. They are focused mainly on rather commercial 70s-80s-90s, streaming in AAC at 48 bit-192kHz. They also stream online at
What strikes me the most is that whatever they play, it sounds not only listenable, but highly enjoyable. No clue as in what normalization software they have, even Bryan Adams sounds good, if you can image that :astonished:. There are a number of artists that no matter what record versions I try via flac, wav, hires, they still sound worse than on Play Cafe. Yes, it’s not like the image is huge or the definition is spectacular, however all they play makes sense, you can listen and enjoy it in the same way.
Maybe a few of you can tune it and have a short listen, let me know what you think of that.


I have regularly tried the latest JB radio2 flac channel.
For a while it was flaky but recently it appears not to be working at all.

The mp3 and aac channels are OK.

Was listening yesterday to the aac stream for a few hours. Hope they fix it soon, great mix.

Not all Borises agree.

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The links for the three Linn radio stations changed (I do not know when).
For those with a problem or maintaining their own lists the URL’s for the streams are:-
Linn Classical -
Linn Jazz -
Linn Radio -

I see what you did there. For me that supports my case :slight_smile:

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Great choices.
I was not familiar with these stations (as I live in the UK).
Have added them to my system.
The WRTI Jazz and WRTI Classical are excellent. Great SQ.

For those wanting to add them the details are:
WRTI 90.1 Jazz (Philadelphia, USA)
new URL

WRTI 90.1 Classical (Philadelphia, USA)
new URL

WXPN 88.5 (rock, blues, and folk) (Pennsylvania, USA)

WXPN2 XPoNential (blues, rock, world, folk, and country) (Pennsylvania, USA)


Thanks Paul. I like being able to add to the positive discourse here.


My vote goes to Open Broadcast.

Am I alone in recognizing this great source?

Big return of JB Radio2, fare best radio for me.

Wyldwood Radio - some people are having issues.
Wyldwood Radio not working? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

I got Wyldwood Radio to play on URL

JB Radio2 (Canada) is streaming in mp3, aac and flac :-

flac (no longer working)

and all are currently available!

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JB Radio2 has added a 96kHz flac channel to the 48kHz one listed above.
Not sure if this is in test and how reliable it will be.

FLAC streaming URLs: