Best internet radio anyone?

I see what you did there. For me that supports my case :slight_smile:

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Great choices.
I was not familiar with these stations (as I live in the UK).
Have added them to my system.
The WRTI Jazz and WRTI Classical are excellent. Great SQ.

For those wanting to add them the details are:
WRTI 90.1 Jazz (Philadelphia, USA)
new URL

WRTI 90.1 Classical (Philadelphia, USA)
new URL

WXPN 88.5 (rock, blues, and folk) (Pennsylvania, USA)

WXPN2 XPoNential (blues, rock, world, folk, and country) (Pennsylvania, USA)


Thanks Paul. I like being able to add to the positive discourse here.


My vote goes to Open Broadcast.

Am I alone in recognizing this great source?

Big return of JB Radio2, fare best radio for me.

Wyldwood Radio - some people are having issues.
Wyldwood Radio not working? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

I got Wyldwood Radio to play on URL

JB Radio2 (Canada) is streaming in mp3, aac and flac :-

flac (no longer working)

and all are currently available!

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JB Radio2 has added a 96kHz flac channel to the 48kHz one listed above.
Not sure if this is in test and how reliable it will be.

FLAC streaming URLs:

Quality is good on both 48kHz and 96kHz.

The 96kHz stream appears erratic in terms of service hours.

The playlist curation is more mainstream than in 2019/20.

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JB Radio2 is upconverted from MP3. The owner has admitted on their Facebook page they were just experimenting. Very unlikely they have FLAC files, much less 48k/96k.

Having said that, it does sound good and I thank you for your work @Paul_C without this thread I would never have discovered them.



Always LXClassics. Dutch station with a lot of 60’s and 70’s music.

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This is my go-to blues station.


Looking forward to some Christmas concerts coming up :slight_smile:
Currently listening to BBC radio 3. Superb

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I have to admit, that I sometimes find the radio garden website fascinating. I love that you just spin the globe and listen in on just about any radio station wherever it might be in the world.


Yes indeed. Not to mention the possibilities to tune in to live performances as well. I am literally 3 days only starting to explore this with some favourite stations from UK, France and Germany.

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“All Classical” Portland, OR USA, gets my vote. Discovered it on vacation on FM at the beach at Manzanita. Always a refreshing change (when they are not playing packaged programs).


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I found it on URL
for those looking (mp3/96).
A nice Festive Concert of Carols was on air.

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Radu Lupu.

Try France Inter Paris - FIP. They play lots of independent high quality music of all genres.