Best internet radio anyone?

Hi, thanks again…Thing is, I can’t see any search function on the home page of the app. Hopefully, the attached screenshot from my phone might help explain things better… and, perhaps make your life easier if you were kind enough to tell me where to tner the search! Thanks (again!( Screenshot_20210305-141553|243x500

1st generation streamers can’t include radio stations in the search results, so your easiest option is usually to find the location of the station and do a local search in the iRadio input.


Thanks Chris.

I’m a blues fan and love Aardvark Blues FM from Houston.


Today the jazz groove west radio broadcasts pop and rock music. I wonder why!

This was also reported on another thread.
The groove jazz No jazz but rock - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

However it was a URL mistake by VTuner which is being rectified today.
So normal service for (probably) the best station on the Internet will be resumed.

Yes it is a great blues station.
Also Houston Blues Radio (Houston, USA) which is broadcast by the same people.

Listen to Radio Caroline quite a bit.

However, UNITED DJs RADIO is my current go to Station. Great presenters, minimal if no adverts and no news!


Pinguin Radio when I start to predict what’s coming next on Radio Paradise from listening to it 16 hours a day.

Yes, I love Radio Paradise but it can repeat a lot of stuff. Just had a listen to Pinguin, thanks for the introduction.

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Hi guys, lots of replies and new stuff to listen to…I’m finding FIP a good alternative to the classic Radio Paradise, although I feel vaguely disloyal…Anyway, one question on FIP if I can?

Streaming on my MuSo (or, indeed, even my Ruark) doesn’t give the artist / song details (ie on the Naim app, or Ruark screen). Is there any way that can appear? Or, is it all driven by FIP and nothing I can do to get it?

Thanks for the tip! And also agree about RP repeats.

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RP has three channels. The other day I really enjoyed the Mellow mix.
With other channels it won’t repeat so often.

There’s four afaik. The only one I don’t regularly listen to is Eclectic.

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I often open the RP website in a browser when I’m listening. Apart from the details of what’s playing you can see the comments from other listeners. The other interesting thing it shows is how many times the track has been played in the last 30 days. Generally, for the main channel, this is most often 2 and I can’t remember when I last anything with 4 or more plays. It also shows the plays on the sub-channels - and these can be very high, as many as 12. I think the sub-channels are even more repetitive with a smaller overall pool of tracks.

The website has a useful track option which means the display details keep up with what’s playing (which is needed if you’re not listening through the webpage/browser.

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Another vote for FIP from me. Incredible range of music and discovering new stuff all the time.

KCRW Eclectic 24 has some good stuff.

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If you get the FIP app and Airplay it you’ll have the info you need. The other bonus is that if you have a Spotify account and sync them, you can add tracks to an FIP playlist it stores on Spotify for future playback.


TSF jazz is a great choice as well, although it does have ads. They also have some jazz concerts live on there as well which aren’t available anywhere else. They have a subscription service if you really want to pursue it further.


Really enjoying this and saved to my presets for quick access. Thanks for the heads up :relieved: