Best internet Radio Station in Roon

I never have been an internet radio fan, some radio paradise, some Naim radio thats all

After the Roon update i like to Find good ones for each genre, classical, jazz,rock, alternative where i can hear something new, maybe with a proper DJ giving me some info…

What is your top internet radio stations?

Groove Salad on SomaFM along with some of their stations…

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I’ve been recommended some Greek stations dedicated to specific genres … but I have not looked for them on Roon yet. They were presets on my ‘Qutes but I lost them for some reason …

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Those Greek stations are excellent.

Audiophile Lounge
Audiophile Baroque
Audiophile Jazz
Audiophile Classical
Audiophile Rock-Blues

I especially like Audiophile Lounge for background music, ideal when working from home or doing chores

All at 320 kbps as well so sound pretty good.


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