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We found a bar driving from San Francisco down to LA called Daddy’s Daycare. There’s was also a great bar a Santa Monica called the Office.

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My new T-Shirt :sunglasses:

To clarify this is meant as an absolute compliment @anon4489532


Oh that IS funny!

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HH better not give a like to your post, otherwise you’ll need a new tee shirt


What will they think of next? How do you get a drink at a moving bar, though? :smiley:

Geoff, that’s brilliant! I needed a good laugh. I’ve probably got about 2,000 unused likes, and I bequeath them all to you.


Thank you, I am very pleased - but as I want to keep the facts correct don’t give me another like!

No, you must do a lot better than that to get a like.

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HH you gave me a like once when I posted a Jon Hassell album on the music thread. I’ve never forgotten it, thank you.

Amongst the endless prog crap and records everyone has heard a thousand times, it’s rather lovely to see that someone is playing something both unusual and particularly good. I’ve given 66 likes according to the stats. Looking back I’ve no idea why I gave some of them. I’d still give you a like for Jon Hassell though.


My wife said I was hopeless at DIY because I thought gaffer tape was the answer to everything. She’s not saying so much now.


Gorilla gaffer tape by chance?

…I’m outta here :smiley:

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Gaffer tape ??? pah ! useless.
Serious DIY’ers use Duct Tape

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…and plumbers (and some electricians) often use Araldite and a small (or perhaps large!) screw.

I’ll say no more.

An English, a French, a Spanish, and a German person sat at the back of a club,
The guy on the stage asked if they could see him, and they replied;

“Yes, oui, si, ya!”


Are locksmiths key workers?


I can’t work my wife out.
First she says it is OK to have a tattoo, next thing she is complaining about the bagpipers in the garden.


From the Guardian, I wondered if you knew of it when picking your handle.

The siege of Sidney Street was a gunfight in London’s East End in January 1911. Some 200 police surrounded the hideout of a gang of Latvian anarchists led by “Peter the Painter”, who had killed three policemen the month before.


No I didn’t, but hopefully all that were there have since moved on. I might go and google it later. Cheers.