Best Match for NAP-V175

Looking for the stereo mate for my AV-2/NAP-V175. 150/155, 200, and 250 all look like contenders. This is primarily an AV setup. Speakers TBD.



Iā€™m using a nap 200 with the AV2. I used the power amp section of the nait5 before, but this was a bit of a waste of a very good integrated amp.

The benefit of a 200 is that they are available for not too much money but can drive most loudspeakers well. The nait5 was also a bit underpowered.

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As you say, the NAP150, 150x, 155xs, and 200 are all likely contenders. Much will depend on the choice of speakers though.

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Meant to post to AV. Nick

I used a Supernait with AV2/NAP-175 with a full set of Spendor speakers for years with great success.

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