Best NAIM products 1995 upwards to early 2000

In your opinion, what are the “best” NAIM products (pre & power amplifiers) from the mid 90s to the early 2000s? Since I like my “new” 62/140/HiCap very much, I would be interested in setting up something “fresher” vintage NAIM HiFi in another room.

Tell me more guys … :sunglasses:

The NAC552 and NAP300 were introduced in 2002. They would be my choice.

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Like this


Then of course 2002 was the year of “classic” which has just been retired.
So you can have early 282/hicap/250.
Which looks pretty much the same for 20 years.
The years you’ve chosen covers the transition from olive to classic, so pick the design you prefer.


For pure value for money performance 72/HC/140.


I assume you mean pre-Classic, so Olive. In which case, if you want the best Naim pre/power then aim for a NAC52+52PS/Supercap and NAP135s. Of course, such amplification demands an equivalent source…


The 72 / 250 was brilliant, add a hi-cap and it’s an even more stunning combination.


SBLs? Especially on the end of Richard’s suggested system above. Have to agree re the 52/52PS though if we are talking boxes.



Even though the 552 peaks the list of Naims innovation at that time I will vote for the original Nait 5.

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For me the 72 and CDS / CDI were absolute breakthrough products.

It was the time when CD was really taking off. I had not heard any CD player that sounded completely satisfactory with my 42.5/Hi-Cap/Kans. Most sounded overly forward and aggressive and completely lacking the musicality of my LP12. It was a tough time as I wanted, and felt I needed, to make the switch to CD. I ended up with an Arcam Transport and Bitstream DAC, which at least lacked the aggressive nature of most of the alternatives.

Then along came the 72 and CDI (couldn’t afford the CDS). This was a real game-changer. Suddenly CD sounded engaging and musical in a way that I had never heard before. I was back on track!


For me a NACD3 is up there with the matching slimline pre-power amplification, in terms of bang for buck. That was a seriously good system back then for a little less than £2k new.

Looking through my HiFi History, in 1995 I got a pre-loved 72. Which was nice…
Replaced my 42.5.

I also note that a guy called Peter, then working for Listen Inn, Northampton, did a Free Of Charge reset on my LP12 (guess this was a Linn promotion…?). He could do well…

Not much to choose by in this short period of time.
Slimline range launched or do you mean all existing olive amps from olive era ?

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Without a Hi cap it will not work at all. 72/250 is not quite as flexible as the 72/140 combo.


For me CDS one was outrageously good for this time. It was so musical. Other things had more details but for music this was just fantastic.


Any opertunity for some olive shots.

Ok so the ndac doesn’t meet the brief.
But best vfm has to involve a 72/hc/ and a late 2006 250 with a 600w transformer.


Plus 1 here - only need a 52ps. They do not come often - and specially alone

Like to add:

  • 72/HC/250
  • Sbl !!! With all olives
  • nDAC (is it from early 2000?)

:rofl: - just saw the pic above - I am loo late


All the olive one’s

Couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t afford it at the time so had to settle for the one box version, the CDI, but this was still incredibly musical. Those were the days!

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Auditioned a pair of SBLs sometime late 90s - wonder what year they closed?