Best Oxymorons

The old (standard) one that is usually quoted …

Microsoft Works

But, in current days:
Theresa May’s Strong and Stable Government


Not so much an oxymoron as just pure rubbish. Politicians like to use the tactic, if you keep saying something often enough, people will start to believe it, regardless of how obviously untrue it is. Reminds me of Gordon Brown’s ‘an end to boom and bust’.

“Informed electorate”

United Kingdom


Not an oxymoron per se, but a close relative:

“Brexit means Brexit”


If only it did.


I always struggled with “liquid gas” :thinking:

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It’s not actually an oxymoron, but I’m always disappointed by the fact that when I use an ATM with a Free Cash sign they take the money from my account.


Or even liquefied gas, although you could argue that it’s still an oxymoron :confused:

Military intelligence…

And the expression often used by politicians these days when asked a difficult question “…I’m very clear on this” (sic).

Actually I often find the more someone exclaims “I/we have been very clear” about something the less clear they have been… and it certainly is not limited to politicians…

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Similarly, when people start off with …to be perfectly honest with you… suggests they’re less so at other times

Just act naturally.

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Good Grief.

And my other favourite; “With the greatest respect…” usually means anything but.

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Indeed! A slight variant, “with all due respect” which can be and probably usually is used sarcastically

The best oxymoron is… “oxymoron”.

It’s an autology, ie it is itself an example of the thing it describes. It derives from the Ancient Greek ὀξύς (sharp, pointed) and μωρός (dull, foolish, slow-witted). Interestingly, the word ‘ὀξύμωρον’ does not actually exist in Greek - it’s a Latin invention.

Goddamn Romans lol

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Built a wall to keep Linn out of England.