Best phono stage to use with Dynavector 10x5

I have a rega p3 with a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge playing through Naim phono stage N.

I understand the DV is a high output MC cart and it appears I may need a different phono stage. ( I think I had the N with previous TT which had a MM cart but honestly cant remember)

The problem is a total lack of gain when playing vinyl and I can only describe listening for any length of time as painful. I have therefore stopped using the system and am tending to stream via a bose bluetooth speaker which wjhile convenient makes my 900 plus vinyl collection redundant.

I spoke to a Naim dealer and he said the N phono stage was ok with the DV cart. But everything I read says not and I may be better with an E? Is using the N the source of the problem?

**Guys and girls when you reply can you just tell me which phono stage is most suited to the DV - I am not technical.

I am at the point of selling everything because it is just sitting there not getting used.

I live in Doncaster and if there is anyone local who would be prepered to help me out I have no issue with paying for their time, (hope this is allowed on the forum)

I have approached and used several dealers in the past who have just made me feel stupid through my lack of knowledge so won’t be going down that route again.


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There are several people on here, myself included, running DV10X carts into Naim E boards.

In my view, its a very good combo. As a side bonus, the gain of the Phono input will then be much closer to that of the line level inputs, such as CD.

The Naim E board - both 323 and 523 - is essentially the same design, for S, K & E. So, as E boards are a bit rare, one option is to buy the appropriate S or K boards, and get them converted.

Hope this helps…?

(You don’t say what exactly you have…? This would not apply to a Stageline, sadly. )

It’s a tricky one because high output MCs are neither one thing or the other. However, while they will work fine into N MM boards/Stageline output is a bit low and I have found the sound tends to lack something. I much preferred using E MC boards/Stageline. Peter Swain at @Cymbiosis reckons you can even use S MC Stageline so long as you have a big power supply like a Hicap dedicated to it. I haven’t tried that myself and would be a little worried about headroom on high level cuts, but I defer to Peter’s experience here.

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how about a different phono stage altogether such as dyna’s own dv75?

10x5 or 10x5/II with a Stageline S yes but I am using a 552 to power it which is a better supply than a Hi-Cap so I’d need to check. No issues with HiCap DR or SC/SCDR of course.


It is a stageline apologies for not clarifying

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OK, so you would - AFAIK - need to find a Stageline E. Which is probably a rare beast…

Hi Richard

It is the “lacking something” that is leading me to consider different options. It sounds like I would be better swapping the stageline N for an E possibly or swapping to an MM cart, ( i have no allegiance to the DV cart as it was in the TT when I bought it).

The other issue if I keep the DV is the powers supply. At present I am using an FC and don’t really want to additional expense of a HC.

I will probably give Peter a ring and take his advice.


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I really want to minimise my spend and would prefer to either, keep the stageline N and replace the DV Cart with a MM or replace the Stageline N with an E and keep the DV cart.

Either way the DV cart is worth something or if I swap the stageline that is too.

I am just wary of making a mistake and being no better off.

A pal is going to lend me a TT with a MM cart fitted so i can compare so I suppose that is the first step.



AFAIK? can you explain please

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As Far As I Know…

I do not believe that an N Stageline can be converted to E.

Bit of info missing here. As this is a naim forum, what preamp are you using? As this may help with the answer.
As @IanRobertM has already said, the answer is the E version. And even better if you are using a nac72, as any MC ( 323) boards can be converted to E type easily.
I’m a recent convert to 323 E boards and a DV 10x5mk2 cartridge on my P6. Great sound, can’t fault it.
I did try with the MM boards, but got bored of having to run the 72 past 12 O’clock on the volume pot. Much more drive with the Es.

So, there you have it. Or, go for a non naim phono stage such a trichord dino.

Parks Audio Puffin is a fantastic RIAA for the price.

No more difficult with 523 boards, either…

(I have both 323 E and 523 E…)

No but i can sell the N one i have and buy a new E

Im moving towards keeping the N and swapiing to a MM cart as I dont think the FC2 has enough power ?

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I have a nait XS and am using an FC 2 to power the phono

Sorry…But that makes no sense. The FC doesn’t have enough power…? For what…?

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The FC2 isn’t the issue. It might be weedy, but it’s more than capable if doing what it’s designed to do. The n stageline just does not have the gain to drive the amp.
The DV is a great cartridge, be carefull if changing for a MM. Do your research before jumping.

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I have been using DV10X carts since 1979. With a diversion to Linn carts, for a while.

I am on my 3rd DV10X now - and will likely go for a 4th one… :astonished:

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'E’s are rare. Probably best to get Darren at Class A (Sheffield) to convert your ‘N’ version. This option would be cheap too - I know how important this is in Yorkshire!