Best place to advertise 2nd hand hifi

Anyone recommend any good places to sell on 2nd hand hifi other than the big fleamarket we all know. I want to try somewhere else that specialises in hifi.

The pink pisces place is one possibility, though I don’t know how good. A number of shops, including some online specialists, sell on commission - but again I don’t know how good.


Assuming you’re in the UK, why not UK Audio Mart?


Because they don’t sell normally sell this brand of speakers so I didn’t bother. Not sure a nap500 goes well with the Atom :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip though.

What will be the best dealers in UK to search for used Naim ?
Sorry for putting here and creating new topic.

I sell a lot on Audiogon problem is it’s primarily a US based site and lots of sellers don’t want to ship internationally. Numerous issues shipping Int. Insurance, duty, damages, scams… I don’t use the Bay since the costs are way to high, at least to US sellers, it costs me over 10% to sell there.

I will only deal with Tom Tom Audio. End of.

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Same for UK sellers, except occasionally when they have a special offer on selling fees. Ridiculously they charge the same on the postage cost, and on top of that there’s Paypal fee if you use that… and their dispute resolution is heavily biased towards the buyer, with nothing to protect the seller from dishonest buyers.

Surely every dealer, and frequently, as you never know when one may take what you want from someone in part exchange?

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I don’t have a specific place in mind, but as I suspect many people will look on hifi shark, I would pick one that’s indexed by them. So checking which UK ones those are might be a good start.

How about ‘hi-fi for sale’. Lots of Naim stuff on there and it’s U.K. based?

The red salmon.

What about the audio equipment semi-permanent domed dwelling? This is all f stupid anyway TBH, its in Naims interests to shift boxes and ultimately the end user, us. Seriously, why not have a strictly Naim only wanted and for sale on here? I guess the company would want us to go through dealers? Interesting anyway, needs a bit of thinking after setting rules up pre WhuFlu?

Having just been through this, and still having a few items to move on, I’m in two minds. I would have struglled to advertise and find buyers from here in France. Th bay found me a buyer in Spain as well as both buyers and sellers in the UK. The process though has been pitifully slow and cumbersome and fraught with risk. Ebay and papypal are part of the same organisation and you would think that would help. However my ebay uk account, my paypal french account, the spanish buyers ebay Spain and paypal Spain account, and the uk buyers and sellers ebay and paypal accounts are all separate companies. Getting them to communicate, pass messages and payments on has been dire. I still have one outstanding query on a delivery from the UK, which ebay assure me I will be reimbursd for, but only after the waitng for delivery period which they ascribe, plus the sellers resolution actions with the delivery company that ebay has arranged, have all passed. That’s around two months from original order date before I have my funds returned. Then of course they charge you 10% for the privilege.
I would like to find an easier way and a forum like this may be able to provide a more direct link to parties interested in buying and selling Naim products, even if it was via a Naim approved dealer. I’d rather give my 10% there.

The Naim forum is kept as commercially clean as possible. Any other way is wide open to abuse. This is necessary for a number of reasons, not least because if there were any dispute then Naim might might be put in an awkward position, but most importantly because the best place to buy and trade in Naim kit is through one of the many hundreds of Naim dealers, many of whom offer secondhand kit at prices similar to what you would pay privately or at auction.

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Strangely, Gumtree. Although, I’d not sure if I’d be buying Naim via Gumtree?
Olive, 282 and even a XPSDR.

I guess the advantage of gumtree is that you can view before buying.

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