Best position for earthing switch on NDS?

NDS quick start guide suggests setting the rear mounted ‘chassis/floating’ switch to ‘chassis’ if the NDS is the only source component and that is how I ran it for many years. However, last year I added a Linn Radikal powered LP12 with Stageline powered by the Aux2 socket of my 552 preamp. My question is would it still be best practice to use ‘chassis’ or should I now be setting the earth to the ‘floating’ position?

Hi Kevin - It depends if the Linn setup provides another link between signal ground and safety ground (mains earth) - easily verified with a DVM. You don’t seem to have any problems with hum or noise so there doesn’t appear to be a secondary earth path so I’d leave the switch where it is.

Thanks James. I guess it’s signal ground that we’re discussing here. The Linn signal output has an earth wire attached to the Stageline which then plugs into Aux2 on the 552. I just wondered if this newly connected ‘extra’ earth changed the equation. I guess not?
No buzz or other obvious nasties, but I ask because I recently trialled at home a Melco server and found that with that device attached to the NDS, there was an obviously better SQ with the NDS earth switch on ‘floating’ vs ‘chassis’.

Hmmm, on the face of it, that seems to imply that the ground from the NDS is connected to the Ethernet cable - presumably you were using a direct connection from Melco to NDS, not a network connection - seems a bit odd, but I have probably misunderstood what’s going on here?

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