Best position for HiCap DR

So I’m going to order a HCDR for my SN2. Thanks to you folks I know I also need a Snaic 4. My question; I have 3 places I can place it. 1. Is to the left side of SN2 on the same shelf. 2. Underneath SN2 on a different shelf, or 3 above it on different shelf but that’s my least convenient position. Oh and do HCDR’s generate a lot of heat, I wouldn’t think so but we all the saying about Assuming!

No, hicap does not produce that much heat. It should be at room temperature.

I would suggest as far away as possible. I have mine in the next cabinet/shelf over and it has never caused an issue for me. I haven’t noticed it getting hot at any point. Gives a little bit of hum late in the evening if I listen a few feet away… but that’s due to my mains. Other than that’s been pretty sweet.

I have mine on the shelf below and it doesn’t hum or give off heat at all…Oh maybe I should switch it on first!!
No it honestly works a treat…enjoy

Well it looks like without a lot of work my only choice will be next to SN2 on the same shelf. I think the only saving grace is that it will be to the left of the SN2, transformer is on the right side of the SN2. If it’s an issue then out comes the drill and vacuum and other stuff

You’ll be fine with it off to one side. It’s very probably better than above or below, as the toroidal transformers radiate their electrical fields vertically rather than horizontally, so you’ll minimise interference.

If you can place it at some level horizontally and ideally as far away from the device it’s connected to that’s ideal.
In line with other comments they don’t run warm but can at times hum a bit dependant on mains fluctuations. I’ve got mine on the bottom shelf of my rack and found that locating it in the middle of the rack produced the least vibration from the transformer.
If you can decouple/isolate it when situated on the same horizontal plane as the device it’s powering that’s helpful too but not essential.
It sounds like it’s a new one so as always give it time to bed in and settle down, you’ll appreciate the grip it adds to the bottom end and the space it adds to the soundstage presentation, enjoy!

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Thanks Mr. Fish. Now I just have wait a week or so for the HCDR and Snake :snake: 4

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