Best possible 2 box CDP/amp solution

I have a 2 shelf wooden cabinet in a room where I will just playback CDs. Please advise on what the options are on the best player and amp combinations. I understand that for the best possible SQ you could have as many as 5 boxes? Would it make a big difference going from 2 to three boxes? And what would be the choice.
I would guess that options would be…
Best 2 box solution- SN2 or SN3 plus CD player not sure which?
Best 3 box solution - SN3 plus CD player? Plus another box?
Best 4 box solution- not sure

As you can see I only have a vague idea and need help filling in the gaps that would lead to significant leaps in sound quality.
I know I’m initially interested in a 2 box solution but reading through the forum has got me curious.

Best one box Naim CD player is the CDX2.

Supernait 3 and a CDX2 would be the Naim 2 boxer. The CDX2 likes a full Fraim shelf, it wasn’t happy on a Target rack. With a solid wooden cabinet it might be worth trying Fraim glass and balls between it and the shelf, or something home brewed along the same lines. There was a thread a while ago started by @Xanthe that might be useful.
Rega have the Isis/Osiris pairing which is a step up and a bit sideways, it has a different flavour but is also worth a listen if you can, I found the solid state Isis preferable to the valve equipped one.

New or used?

For instance, if you want to buy new your only option is a CD5si and Nait5si.

I think used would give the most/best options. Thanks.

Thanks for the advice will investigate CDX2

Uniti Star plus NAP250DR as an Option

Active speakers gives an option of CD player+ preamp.

Are spares still available for cdx2?
I get lost when trying to remember which marques still have bits available.
Currently about £1000. On tomtom. I have been wondering whether to replace cd5x and flat cap.

Hard to say right now. Sourcing good quality VAM1202s has been made difficult if not impossible during the covid crisis, so I believe. I’ve paged @Naim.Marketing and asked if it’s possible to post an update on the situation at the end of the holidays.

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Or how about a nova/core or for a bit more money supernait3/NDX2 and core ? (admitedly 3 boxes but you can put the core elsewhere) That way you can rip CD’s to the core and not worry about getting up to change CD all the time. Less wear and tear on transport as well as only rip the CD once.

Thank you.
Perhaps she might comment on the wait for new items.
PSX dr…3 months and no smoke or sail to be seen on the horizon.

I’ll message you.

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