Best practice to replace Uniti Core HDD?

Asking Naim Uniti Core owners, what is the best procedure to replace the HDD with a larger one.

I imagine that it would suffice to make a backup, install the new disk, and restore the backup. But I’m not entirely clear on the instructions provided by Naim:

It seems I need to chose a different option specifically to restore creating a new music store. Of course I would like to make a backup and restore both of music and Core configuration. Has anyone replaced the Uniti Core HDD? Thank you very much!

The Core Help FAQ on this forum may help you here.


Thank you @Richard.Dane , clear information, simple operation. Work in progress :wink:

The issue I have encoutered is that the backup is sometimes difficult due to network problems (not due to Naim stuff) and you may have to launch the backup again from scratch…
I would make it as simple as possible, just using the current capabilities of any Windows based PC.
First, I would recommend a SSD disk. I use a Samsung 2TB SSD with more than 2800 albums and it is fast and silent.
Using SyncBackFree, just copy your current digital music from the “old” HDD to the “new” HDD.
It is safe and reliable and it allows intelligent updates if you wish, copying music you would buy and have on your computer to the Core, which you access directly from the file explorer.
I find the Core documentation and support are poor and the forum is much better.

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