Best pre-/amplifier set-up for NDX2

I am new to this forum (and have been impressed with the quality and politeness of the discussions while following it before) and would like to get some input regarding an ideal set-up for an NDX2.

Currently I have a Superuniti + NP200 and am considering to move to an NDX2. I only use streaming from a server (UnitiServe) and from the internet. My speakers are Dynaudio Focus 260 (which I like a lot for their neutral representation).

Ideally I would have liked an NDX2 version of the 272 but that unfortunately does not seem to be in the making (or make sense from a Naim point of view).

My Naim shop recommends a SN3 but I am wondering whether that is really an upgrade from the current set-up. Furthermore I prefer the minimalistic styling of the NP200 over the SN3 (where I really only use one input).

Should I rather go for a used 272 / NP 200 or NP250 or get an SN3? Or any other configuration.

Any ideas and input appreciated.

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Definitely take a listen to the NDX2 and Supernait 3 and see what you think - it should be a very nice upgrade over your current Superuniti/NAP200.

Alternatively you could get a secondhand NAC-N272 an an interim step up to tide you over until a replacement Naim Streamer/pre-amp with the new streaming platform arrives - but nobody here knows yet either whether or when such a thing might happen.

It does indeed seems that there is inconsistency in Naim’s line-up.

On the one hand, they have been one of the most consequent supporters of streaming music, on the other hand SN3 and all other pre-amps seem like an overkill when you only want to have streaming input.

In my mind, there is definitely a product option for a “best-possible” integrated pre/amp that only takes the NDX2 as an input. Sort of a 2-box upgrade from the Nova.

Hi @MvR

If you do have a TV in your listening room you can connect it as another source and enhance your viewing pleasure enormously using your naim system.

There’s a lot here running a SN2/3 with only a NDX2 as a source, it makes perfect sense in the range and can be significantly improved with the power supply option.

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If you looking to progress to Naim separates the NDX2 would be an immediate uplift. When you are ready you could p/e the Superuniti for a 282.

Later add a Hicap and you are ready for a 250, your Dynaudio’s should be good all the way.

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I ran the Contour 1.8s (260 forerunners) with a 282/209, highly recommended.

If by ‘streaming from the internet’ you mean Tidal, the 272 will do that quite happily, just as your SU does. You can get one quite cheaply these days, giving spare cash to swap from 200 to 250DR. I went from an SU to a 272/250 five years ago and the difference is enormous. Doubtless a new platform 272 will appear sooner or later but the question is whether you need the extra facilities if all you are going is Tidal and the US.

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I am quite happy with my four box system, XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS. I choose this system since I am not interested in upgrading over time since I specifically wanted a system to get me through my retirement years.

I love the sound and happy to spend hours with the system every day.

Good luck with your decision…


I ran an SN3 with an NDX2 with XPS DR and Hi Cap. Very happy with the sound and found them a good match.
Unfortunately I caught the upgrade bug and had to go to 300 DR level before noticing a worthwhile improvement over the SN3. You will also get a decent trade in should you decide to move up to pre and power amps.
I didn’t go the 272 route as it’s an old platform.

That’s interesting, what pre did you get to have an appreciable improvement? Really shows how good the SN3 is.

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282 with a Supercap. I’ll probably listen to a 252 next year. I try to control the upgrade bug.


Clearly you need to try harder!!


Thankfully I’m really enjoying my current set up but I bet Naim are grateful for this website.

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Given I have the same system you had, and I can’t afford a 282/SC/300 you’ve cured my upgradeitis for anything in between :sunglasses:


Hi John I gave your post a like but I wanted to press a “LOL” button really!


The main reason I splashed out was because I’m getting on a bit and if I don’t get it now it maybe too late.

Thats where i came out on it…neighbours and friends dropping like flies or even sadder just not the person we once knew.

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Almost cured mine! Guess I need a XPS-DR (before the 2nd lockdown occurs)


Hi, @MvR. You do not say if you are using both of the amps you have, or just the NAP200, bypassing the amp in the SU.

If you are not bi-amping, I would pair the NDX2 with a NAC202 or 282; either can be powered from the NAC200; better power supplies can be added later, if desired.

If you want to bi-amp, SN2 or SN3 makes sense.


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