Best preamp/streamer/dac for a nap300?

there is also the possibility of adding a non naim preamp, like the townsend allegri or prima luna. You add the ndx2 and you have a wonderful system.
Some here have the prima luna or townsend with naim amps.

I don’t know what a ‘streaming platform’ even is. Old, new or otherwise.

272/555PS not yet sounding broken following yesterday’s ‘reveal’, so that’s a relief.


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After the latest mu-so 2 launch my educated guess is for a revamped streamer/preamp.
Naim has distilled all its knowledge in ‘compromised’ products aiming to lead that sort of market.
Not bad in itself.
But if you want real performance especially future proof ,look ahead and steer from Naim just now.
Berlin will give you some tips.

@Mrpseudonym i have used both the 282 and more recent addtion of the 252 with my 300DR

my thoughts on both source and Pre, I have 2 main sources - bare NDX and LP12 both of which were used on 282 and 252

282/HCDR was a lovely combo with the 300DR, focus and very musical on both LP12 and NDX, add in the SC to the 282 the uplift on music focus and seperation is nothing short of stagering to be honest, more of everything - and for me 282/SC is hits a real musical high in the range

as for the 252/SC/300DR I can see why so many owners have this this music clarity, warmth and focus is there, on both sources - it has lifted my NDX to another level and as for the LP12 - well say now more

for me it’s all about balancing your muscial tastes, budget and system I have posted my journeys end for me with 252/SC/300DR - dont think i will ever have the £££ for 552

My main source over 90% is my LP12, I have been to a number of demo’s of the NDX2 and heard it on 282/SCDR/250DR which was sublime
enjoy the journey and the music!

I had demo of 272, with XPS, v Auralic Vega G2 going into ATC 40A,s
The Auralic IMO is a serious step up from a 272, and the app/ lightning control is very very good.
( I came from 252/SCDR/300DR/NDX/nDAC),
I wanted same or better sound with serious black box reduction, and accompanying power station lead reduction. Very happy with my current set up.

Hi Graham
Thanks for your comments. Before you changed your system did you compare the NDX/Supercap/252 to the Aurilac Vega G2? I would like a lower box count and simpler system but also appreciate the quality of the new Naim streamers and current pre-amps. I am staying with a nap 250DR and passive ATCs for the present but am hoping to simplify my streamer/pre-amp setup

I should also say that an updated 272 with the new streaming platform would be my first preference but if it is not forthcoming I am prepared to consider alternatives from both Naim (NDX2/SN2) and streamer/preamps from other manufacturers

I am babysitting such a system for a bit and was surprised how enjoyable it was.

A Naim streaming system is basically adding a streamer that move the music to analog domain as early as possible and then you have the traditional chain of preamp, poweramp, crossover, speakers.

The Scottish company does exactly the opposite. The have a ”system hub” which is digital in/digital out. Some models have analog ins that is coverted to digital. A Naim user might see the system hub as streamer/preamp. But with only digital out.

So they run ethernet to the speakers where they have room/speaker placement optimization and then the digital crossover and then each speaker element has its own DAC/poweramp. A very short analog signal path.

I am a newbie on their system but I think I got it right :slight_smile: I had Linn stuff in prehistoric times (LK1, Dirak, Bryston, Linn Sara) and then went with Naim.


Yes ,if you mean 252/SCDR, my NDX was straight on mains, but my intention was to reduce box and wire no point adding a box !
I have gone from a fairly serious Naim system , built over years as most of us do, to a 1 box (Auralic Vega G2, with ATC SCM 40actives, and it now sounds better , more natural, I guess, that very very slight Naim digital glare totally gone , ( yes I’m sure a 555PSwould have sorted it, but at huge cost and another blank box, and power station,lead.)
It’s well worth a demo !!

This looks like a very fine system and outstanding VFM. And the Vega G2 is Roon Ready too…

I think worrying about being on the latest streaming platform may be short sighted. A couple of years ago the 272 was the latest, greatest thing, regarded as the bee’s knees and many were bought (including mine.) Now it’s the “old platform” so not worth bothering with even though it’s not changed. I would expect this to happen again with any 272 replacement that comes along in a year or so. If you buy a new one, it will likely also get rave reviews and a couple of years later be overtaken by a yet newer streaming platform and the wheel will have turned full circle. Same thing happens with computers, smart phones, cameras etc.

Why not get a used 272 now, and a used PS if the budget allows? Enjoy it while you have it (it’s still an excellent piece of equipment) and, if 272-2 appears, audition and upgrade if the you find the extra expenditure is merited.


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Thanks @PeakMan, a few people have made this comment. We are actually on the same page… Audio source technology ages a lot faster than amplifier tech. And this is particularly true of streamers and dacs. I am sure there are still people connecting their streamers/dacs to 20+ year old amps but no one doing it the other way around. It is quite possible that my 300DR is the last amp I will ever buy, but that will not be true for whatever streamer I buy. I am buying this system now, in 2019, yes the 272 is good, but already there is so much conversation about its replacement. Other manufacturers have some great products out, I am genuinely excited for what the 272 successor would look like, if only I could curb my desire for instant gratification :slight_smile:

Is it possible to connect a 272 to a Hugo2? Hmmm…I didn’t think so

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Yes it is possible,I did it when the H2 first came out. Digital out of the 272 into an RCA to mini RCA adapter.This plugs into the H2, and you can then use the H2 as a Preamp.I used it this way for about a week, but I was using my Anthem amp, not my old 250 DR, since I did not have an RCA to XLR connector on hand for the 250. Sounded awesome, so I am now saving for a TT2 to use the same way, but using my NDS as a source.

Hmm Use the 272 as a streamer only. Spdif out of 272 into coax H2…but then I am limited to 24bit/192khz and no DSD?

I am very impressed with the H2, and have considered the TT2…but then its the slippery slope to an mscaler…and a Dave…come to think of it, all these slopes are slippery!!


I know, lots of redundancy there…that is why I traded my 272/250 for a like new,2016 NDS.I have a much better streamer now,for when I get the TT2, and the NDS is also used with Dynaudio XD 600’s. At least the 272 into the H2 showed me what a Naim streamer into a Chord DAC sounds like…damn good!

The streaming section of the 272 is essentially the one that Naim developed 10 years ago, so you could argue that it is quite dated. If it has the functionality you need, that’s fine, but the new models do have significant benefits, particularly if you use increasing popular web streaming services. If you only stream locally from a NAS, or are happy to use workaround solutions for web streaming if necessary, that may not be a problem, and you can just assess it against any alternatives on sound quality.

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